If Schools Taught Reading, Writing, and Math we Wouldn’t need Affirmative Action

Speak out and your career is over.

It is much easier to yell race as an excuse for students not doing the required work. Affirmative Action is a quest for mediocrity just look at the administration. What problem they created did they solve? Much easier to blame race.

I was thinking about all of the changes I have experienced in my life. It is amazing to me how unique, different parts of the country are and how advanced humans are today. This evolution happened in such a short time. The problem was as we advanced we got busy keeping up with the neighbors instead of building your own path.   The Globalists education will make sure that is never an option. You will not be able to control your destiny you will not be able to have an independent thought. take that away from our children.

Movies were a big part of the Globalist propaganda through entertainment program . When I was a child, many of the movies followed a book and we got to see our character be more real. Movies helped us escape or just get an idea to figure something out.

Through the movies as a child I learned history, got to see what America looked like, learned about a new career, got some fashion ideas, learned about heroes,  learned that maybe my family wasn’t that bad.

Between the lies of MSM and the Woke messaging of Hollywood, movies and TV are not that much fun any more.  The movies used to show America in a positive light. We loved our Family, God and Country no matter where you live.  It was so exciting to see America come to life. The heroes of yesterday were HUMAN. Children could emulate the hero they followed. Today too often the heroes were animated. Children do not become motivated to become a comic figure. Yes there was a problem but the hero figured out how to solve it. You were allowed to root for the hero.

What a sad difference in the movies today. I hardly watch anymore. They have a message of wokeness which means eventually I will be called a racist. All I can think of is what a waste of my time. I haven’t been to the movies for years until, “The Sound of Freedom”.  I do watch old movies on the internet or an old series because these have no woke message. I love the climate predictions. According to the Globalists the earth has died so many times I can’t count. They lie. Stop accepting their lies.

Vote with your fingers and vote with your wallet check out the people that created that film before you go and see it.  Who are the actors? Are they the ones that hate you and tell you to your face they wish you were dead. They want to blow you up. Why would you continue to give these people your money? Voting with your wallet works. Not only should you look at products you’re buying, you should also look at products you’re investing in. Be careful of green stuff. Remember Solyndra.  Don’t let them fool you there’s more of us than them..

Join us as we talk with Christian Toto, movie critic. maybe there are some good old movies we can watch

Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as Public Schools. Check out goflca.org  MicroSchools.

Globalists only care about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Boycotts work. Stop using their services and products.  Vote the RINOS out. Vote with your fingers and with your wallet. There is a lot you can do.

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Guest: Chris Wright is an independent liberty activist who travels in Tea Party and libertarian circles.  Anticommunism is one of his main areas of focus.  He started the Anticommunism Action Team (ACAT) in 2013 to counter communist influence here and abroad.  ACAT’s Speakers Bureau has presented at the Heritage Foundation and Leadership Institute, and been on Breitbart and LevinTV.  ACAT speakers (survivors of communism and subject matter experts) are available free of charge anywhere in the world through videoconferencing.  Free newsletter – your contact information is never sold or shared.

Guest:  Christian Toto is the foremost film critic and writer on pop culture on the political Right. He is an award-winning journalist, and podcaster with more than 20 years’ experience covering Hollywood, including a stint at the Washington Times.  He also has writing credits at Breitbart and the Daily Wire.  His video ‘Why Is Hollywood So Woke’ for PragerU has over 850,000 views on YouTube. . He is a Rotten Tomatoes certified reviewer and belongs to both the Critics’ Choice Association and the Denver Film Critics Society.

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