Is the U.S. Senate Serving America or China?

Weak General’s Lose Wars!

Biden has nominated Critical Race Theory Champion General Brown for the most important military post, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

If war comes to our shores, what kind of leadership do you want to see for our military forces? Wokeism or Nationalism? Weakness or Strength?

The Senate is poised to confirm a failed military leader, who should be demoted, not promoted.

China and Russia are Hoping the Senate Appoints General Brown! Why?

  • A Woke Military is a Weak Military
  • A Weak Military Tempts Tyrants
  • A Weak Military Invites War
  • A Weak General Loses Wars

General Brown has rejected the color-blind standard of our US Constitution, the 14th Amendment, and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, automatically disqualifying him.

General Brown has 4 years of failed leadership as the Air Force Chief of Staff. Under his tenure the Air Force’s military strength has descended from “marginal” in 2021, to “weak” in 2022, and to the lowest mark of “very weak” in 2023.


America’s enemies, including China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are eager to see the death blow to America’s military strength and readiness through Brown’s confirmation.

Under Brown’s catastrophic, failed leadership, the Air Force has experienced deteriorating morale, a self-induced recruitment crisis, and a powerlessness to fight and win a war.

Demote Him, Don’t Promote Him!

Brown argues that “diversity and inclusion” are the “key to the success of any organization”.

General Brown is actively engaged in DEI race-based quotas to cut the 80% ‘white’ officers, including 86% ‘white’ male pilots, to a minority of 43%, purging trained, skilled warriors from our ranks.

Why is the Senate prepared to replace radical General Milley with a more extreme, failing General Brown?

We can’t allow the Senate and Biden Administration to destroy our ability to defend our country and our families!

We are on the brink of WWIII between our entanglements with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and, now, Taiwan is on the brink of war with China.

This SAME SENATE confirmed radical, self-described Marxist Judge Jackson to the Supreme Court.

America needs a fighting General or Admiral who will build deterrence and prevent conflict.

Time Sensitive! The Senate is on Summer Break, and we have 5 WEEKS to convince them NOT to confirm Brown by acting below.


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