Where Will All the Craziness Lead?

We now live in a country, indeed a world, that long ago surpassed the limits of my imagination for craziness. I grew up in a time when we watched what were considered science fiction movies that, in spite of being entertaining, were simply laughable when thinking the content could ever become “reality”. But voila, we now see much of what those old movies portrayed becoming “truth out of fiction”, so I am trying to put into proper perspective the events I now see that, if this were the 1960’s, would be considered beyond the possible. But they are not only possible, they are actually being accepted by some people as the norm.

All of the craziness, the woke lunacy, the climate change madness, climate “geo-engineering” stupidity, the worldwide promotion of anti-God abominations such as transgenderism, the deliberate destruction of our own financial system and currency, the complete inability of the U.S. government to keep its nose out of the entire World’s business, and mainly, the destruction of our future through the murder of millions of unborn children, are NOT merely signs of a nation heading in the wrong direction; rather, they are the visible  symptoms of a very sick nation, suffering from a spiritual disease that is manifesting in the physical realm.

Proper Diagnosis is a Necessity

A doctor trying to diagnose a disease in a human being will look at a myriad of possibilities for the cause(s) of the symptoms displayed. In this way, he or she can narrow the list of possible causes down to the most likely ones. As Christians who are concerned for the direction our nation is headed, we must also examine the various possibilities to explain the symptoms we see.

Humanity was created by a sovereign act of a God who desired to be the father of an abundance of children. He had previously created multitudes of angels who do His bidding, mostly without question or hesitation (Lucifer and his followers being the exceptions) but his work on the beings He called humans was something very different from His work with angels: He made a being He called “man” and gave him one “X” chromosome and one “Y” chromosome in his DNA structure. From the man, He made (skillfully crafted) a being having two “X” chromosomes to complement man and called her “woman” because she was taken out of the man. She was very different from the man physically (Thank God), mentally and spiritually; when she was given to the man and the two of them became one flesh in God’s eyes, that “proper combination” of chromosomes from two different beings was the combination needed to produce a brand new being, consisting of the seed” from the man and an egg from the woman that, when properly joined together, would allow for the procreation of a race of beings that would become the family that God longed for.

No matter what some of the lunatics claim, there is absolutely no way for a being with two “X” chromosomes to unite with another being having two “X” chromosomes and procreate. Has never happened, and will never happen. The result of that idiotic attempt is the deception that prevents some from ever realizing just how beautiful God’s plan of procreation could be. The offspring that should have come from the proper combination will never be realized in the deceived, and that is a shame. But we are currently seeing a drastic drop in reproduction rates in most nations in the west, some of which is likely a result of that particular craziness.

What the Globalists call their “valiant effort to save the planet from man”, is what we rational beings call complete lunacy. The perpetrators of the craziness seem to want us to believe it will end, according to the leaders of The Great Reset and the “Defenders of the Planet”, along with the Climate Change Enthusiasts, when we all capitulate and allow them to take over completely and solve the problems; of course their plan ends with them and their minions in total control of every human asset, every person, every nation, “for the good of all”, of course and with all human beings, except them, living as slaves.

God’s Diagnosis of the U.S. Disease

The diagnosis of the disease of this nation is: Acceptance of evil over good, in contradiction with the origin of the United States as a Christian nation.

What happens when a person, or a nation, accepts evil over good on a long-term basis? The Apostle Paul details that in the Book of Romans, chapter One. In verses 18-32, he explains that everyone on the earth is, and will be, held accountable by God because His existence, and therefore His authority over all the earth and its inhabitants, is displayed in His creation; those who refuse to acknowledge God as the Person He claims to be have placed their future in the hands of Satan, and NOT God. Such a position always leads to a life filled with evil acts, followed by death.

When people ignore and/or reject God and decide to make themselves wiser than God, they have set themselves on a course that will only end in their own deaths (verse 32). They develop a love for evil and sin, and a hatred for righteousness and God. They reject anything from God that would bring them back on to the right course, and as their desire for evil continues, the signs of their rebellion become more and more open and obvious, as we now see here in our nation.

The end result of all that craziness is the decline of the United States, a formerly “Christian Nation”, the “Pride of the West”, into a nation accelerating on a certain path to destruction. The U.S., the last bastion of freedom in a world becoming enslaved by evil and groaning under the weight of the heavy-handed elites who desire nothing more than total capitulation to their evil agenda, is the epitome of that declining nation.

No matter what the crazies say about their agenda, for example, that they are only trying to establish and support love between people regardless of their chromosomal structure, they justify it by saying that “Love is Love”, even though they do not know the God of Love and therefore have no idea what Love really is.

The Prognosis: Ever-Increasing Internal Rot

The crazy signs we see are indicative of a nation that is soon to disappear from the earth. History has recorded the death of nations, empires and civilizations that refused to acknowledge the existence and the sovereignty of an Omniscient, Omnipotent and Omnipresent God who keeps a close watch on all human activities on the Earth. There is no human activity of which our God is not aware and all attempts to pre-empt God as the sovereign One in the Earth are recorded by Him.

Evil begets more evil and it never remains stationary or stagnant because Satan doses not rest in his attempt to usurp all authority over mankind. Knowing that his fate is eternally sealed, he is determined to drag as many willing humans down to the hell reserved for him and his fallen angels.

History has shown us that when a society lowers its moral standards and refuses to allow those standards to be properly used as guidelines in every action, whether personal, commercial or legal, eventually morals collapse like a balloon with an air leaking. When enough air is expelled, the balloon becomes deflated and completely useless. The Roman Empire is probably the best example of this. Incompetence in government leadership, financial malfeasance and overextending the military are only some of the reasons for the fall of that magnificent empire. Division over religious and ideological lines were also to blame. The end  result was an internal collapse that became external. Added together, the many issues produced a lack of moral standards that destroyed any unity among the people of the empire, and that lack of unity overpowered the ability of any Roman leader to maintain any control over the empire.

It should be easy for all to see how much the United States compares to the final days of the Roman Empire.

The Most Likely Long-Term Outcome: National Death

The United States has crossed too many red lines in God’s sand. This once-great nation that decided to dance to Satan’s tune must now pay the piper and the price will be far beyond anything man can comprehend. We are witnessing what seems like a mad rush to an agonizing death, both individually and nationally.

One would think that, based on the history of the nation, the majority of the populace would never go along with policies that will bring death and destruction to possibly millions of people. After all, we are among the most “enlightened” of all the nations on earth and that enlightenment should be a basis for behavior that would counter those who have planned the death and destruction outcome.

But the recent Covid “fear pandemic” that brought the entire nation to its knees (and NOT in prayer) proved that fear is a powerful force that can, and often does, cause people to do things they would never consider doing if they stood in faith against evil in instead of giving in to the fear. Fear accepted negates one’s faith and leads to deception. Acceptance of deception is a sure step toward a state of delusion that can damn one’s soul eternally.

The human outlook on the present situation in the U.S., being that most rational humans will NOT accept the slavery planned for the rest of humanity, and will fight against it with all their collective abilities, might tend to bring some comfort in the midst of chaos to some but if the reasons, or the causes, of the national disease are not dealt with, no amount of fighting against the coming death will help.

I have seen death manifested on a physical level in the lives of many family members and fiends over the years. It is never a pleasant event because it seems so permanent; it can easily cause one to lose any hope of ever seeing a person again, especially if the dead was not a born-again individual.

But as devastating as the death of a friend or loved family member can be, the death of a nation, a culture or a species is far more disturbing.

Where Does It All End?

Should Americans, especially Christian Americans be concerned about all the craziness we see all around us? We have been told in advance of the events that will precede the return of Jesus Christ to take His Body, the Church, out of this world, so in that sense we should NOT be concerned, but on the other hand, there are millions of people who do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior and they are totally unprepared to face the chaos and horror of the events that are coming. We should be doing everything in our power to warn them and lead them to the Truth, otherwise they will die in a lost state and will not ever know what true peace is.

For the Christian, we should rejoice in knowing that the events unfolding are proof of the veracity and the validity of God’s word. If we can see God in these events, as terrible as they may seem to be, we, as believers can certainly see God in His promises to us who know Him and are covered by, and redeemed by, the blood of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our outlook should be that, despite all the evil around us, all the coming chaos and destruction, we will see Him and know Him in His glory and His majesty, and He has promised to always be with us.

But most importantly, and the only outlook that really matters, is that of the Being who owns the Earth and everything in it: God, the Creator of all things.

But some may say, “Well, if this God Who created all things is aware that man has so screwed all things up, leaving  little hope for the future of the planet, should He not be trying to fix the problems”? In fact, God knew far in advance of all the craziness we see now, and He did His work to fix those problems by sending His Son to redeem all mankind back to a relationship and fellowship with Him. For all those who have accepted God’s completed “fix”, the craziness has already ended.

Trust me, God has the situation well in hand, His hand, and when the time is right, His solution to all the “problems” will manifest. I for one, do not believe the Globalists will like what His solution entails.


The craziness will end, and for us who are believers, it will be when God sends Jesus to take His body off this Earth to be with Him forever. For those who decide to stay and ride out the horrors of the time of God’s wrath and destruction, His cleansing work on the earth, the craziness will never end. In fact, it will worsen and the eternal outlook for them is dire.

But, God will have His way, and His plan is to cleanse the earth of all sin and evil in preparation for the thousand year reign of Jesus during which time we will be assisting Him in the renovation of the globe. I do not know the day of His return, but I have great faith that it will occur and even greater hope that it will occur soon!

Blessings and Maranatha!

©2023. Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.


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