Reporters Question if Biden Needs to Stop Insisting Hunter ‘Did Nothing Wrong’

Of course, Bribery Biden insists his bagman of a son Hunter did nothing wrong. If he concedes that point, then he self incriminates. Hunter was acting as a conduit for his criminal father. If Hunter did something wrong, which is now fact not theory, then “10% for the big guy’ is guilty.

Jake Tapper hits Joe Biden for defense of Hunter: Should he quit saying publicly son ‘did nothing wrong’?

CNN host Jake Tapper questioned President Biden’s judgment amid his repeated claims that son Hunter had “done nothing wrong” in his business dealings.

While interviewing Rep. Dan Goldman , D-N.Y., on his Sunday show, Tapper brought up the latest developments in the Hunter Biden probe, with the appointment of federal prosecutor David Weiss to special counsel, before moving on to Biden’s defense of his son during his legal troubles.

Tapper noted the president had repeatedly said his son has “done nothing wrong” in media interviews leading up the appointment of the special counsel.

“I understand this is a dad talking about his son,” Tapper acknowledged. “But it’s also the President of the United States talking about a potential defendant in a case that his Justice Department is prosecuting. Also, he was about to plead guilty to some of the things he did wrong. Does the president need to stop publicly saying his son did nothing wrong?”

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