What Will Happen When the Grid Goes Down?

A WAKEUP warning about what you can and should do.

Sometimes the biggest threats are so obvious that we dismiss them as not being likely… I will try to emulate Paul Revere here, so it’s up to you whether you say Ho-Hum or take the radical actions that are urgently called for right now…

Unfortunately, we take almost ALL aspects of our modern life for granted.

That our Apple watch wakes us up, that the coffee starts by itself, that the lights go on when we throw the switch, that water comes out of the tap when we open the faucet, that the shower is hot, that the hair dryer nicely dries our hair, that the TV goes on to show us the latest news, that our phone warns us of a pending storm headed our way, that the food in the refrigerator is cold, that the burner on the stove heats up to cook some eggs, that the microwave quickly warms up some leftovers, that the dishwasher cleans up all our dirtied dishes, that the garage door opener lifts our heavy garage doors, that the car starts and then transports us on our way to work, that traffic lights change at appropriate times, that we can negotiate a maze of connections with numerous other similarly transported citizens, in a safe, efficient way, etc., etc.

And that’s only the first few hours of the day.

When the Grid goes down — and it likely will soon— NONE of this will happen!

Every one of the sample matters I listed above, is based on electricity. More specifically they are based on reliableplentifullow-cost electricity — i.e., precisely what the US Grid has been efficiently supplying for some 100 years. The net result of that concerted effort is that the US has had unparalleled economic success, and has become the leader of the free world (and the envy of almost all).

Since the US is THE world power, other countries would like to take its place. That’s the human condition: many people (i.e., other countries) want to be top dog.

Worse, there are those parties within America who think they know better, and that their ideas should run the country. They scoff at the Consitution and American patriotism — archaic ideas for fuddy-duddies. That’s also a human condition: many arrogant, ignorant people are attention-starved know-it-alls.

Am I being melodramatic here? Am I exaggerating anything yet? NO!

As a physicist, I’ve been intimately involved with electricity matters for some four (4) decades now — and the consequences of more wind and solar on the Grid is a matter of physics. Further, we have been repeatedly warned about this by a wide assortment of other experts. (See “Some references” below, for a small sample, just in the last year.)

But aren’t our local, state, and federal representatives competent enough to not make decisions that will undermine our Grid — and the survival of our country?

Don’t ask for my opinion, just look at the evidence: a) local representatives are hypnotically transfixed by greed, b) state representatives are under the thumb of lobbyists, and c) federal representatives are obsessed with virtue signaling. Further, 95+% of them are not technically competent…  So the answer to date is a resounding NO!

BTW since America’s opponents have successfully scrubbed Critical Thinking (and the Scientific Method) from most US schools, we are now being irrationally lectured to by Greta wannabe’s. These malcontents are not only wet-behind-the-ears, but they also don’t know the difference between a nucleus and a neutron. So why would we spend even one minute listening to such disrupters? Evidently, because they are rude and loud!

“A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding. When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.” — Eric Hoffer, The True Believer

So how is this all going to come to pass? Very suddenlyWithout notice.

It’s like starting with a large earthen dam holding back billions of gallons of water. The bad actors who don’t like the dam start taking away rocks, one at a time. Any of these don’t seem like a big deal on their own, just like an additional wind turbine doesn’t seem like it is the straw that will break the camel’s back. But we now have some 73,000 US turbines — which is something like removing 73,000± rocks.

Add to that a comparable amount of solar stones. And don’t forget the twelve large nuclear plants that we have allowed to be closed in the last 10± years. Each one of those would be comparable to a ten-foot diameter boulder. All this support is now gone.

The Walnut Grove Dam (Arizona: below) failure would be a small-scale example of what will happen. When this dam burst it sent a wall of water 100 feet high down the Hassayampa River. By the time it reached Wickenburg, 60 miles downstream, the wall of water was still an enormous 40 feet high!

Interesting to see what the excuses are for the major dam failures in the world: weak management, bad engineering, poor financial decisions, politics, etc. Put another way, essentially EVERY major dam collapse in the world was entirely preventable.

Interesting that all of these can be said about this headlong, suicidal rush for wind and solar. The Grid collapse is also preventable, yet we are complicit in its demise.

When the Grid goes down, within a week, the US will revert to being a third-world country. You will have no food, no water, no money, no job, no communication, no transportation, no hospitals, no first-responder services, no police, etc., etc.

If you have a home generator (powered by fossil fuel) that might be available for a week or so. However, the noise of the generator will attract looters who will pillage you, your family, and your property. If you have guns, that may help some, but how will they get you food and water — steal from someone else? And there will soon come larger groups with more and bigger guns. Remember Katrina? the Alamo?

Think I’m exaggerating? Look at the rapes and robberies happening in Maui within 3 days (!) of a major fire — and where the police are still functioning.

Some uninformed citizens may think: if the Grid goes down it will be quickly fixed. Wrong, as too many reliable electricity sources (fossil fuel and nuclear) have been scrapped. They did this while simultaneously increasing electricity demand (e.g., with EVs, home electric heat, etc.). All part of the Plan to bring us down.

The irrational (unscientific) extraction of freedoms during the COVID-19 scourge was another test of how compliant citizens would be in the face of civil abuses. That most people obediently complied has given them the go-ahead to proceed further down their anti-American path. Taking down the Grid is coming up quickly.

And what do you think China and Russia will do when they see the formerly powerful America completely crippled? Take a wild guess…

ALL of this can be prevented if we have Science-based technical (e.g., energy) policies!

Right now, none of that is happening on any level of our government, so it is only a matter of time before the Grid — and we — will go down.

What to do (condensed version)?

1 – Get educated. The more you know, the better you can separate the wheat from the chaff. [My Newsletter and the Archives of this substack are good places to start.]

2 – Adamantly oppose any new wind or solar projects in your community and state. There are zero net benefits for them. [See Scientific studies to help do this: here and here.]

3 – See that every existing wind and solar project in your state is mandated to have 100% gas backup. [Battery “backup” is yet another illusion from Greta’s followers.]

4 – Support ditching the disastrous “All of the Above” energy policy (devised by “renewable” lobbyists), and instead adopt an “All of the Sensible” mentality.

5 – Support those who are trying to mandate that Critical Thinking be taught in K-12 schools. This is where a large part of this unscientific nonsense begins.

6 – You and your family find Religion. The marauders can murder you and your family — but that is simply accelerating your reward. Life here is temporary, your soul is not.

Some references (a tiny sample from the last year):

FERC Warns Congress Electricity Grid Facing ‘Catastrophic’ Failure

The Appalling State of America’s Electric Grid

Future Grid: Really?

The EPA Tries to Destroy the Grid

Experts: California’s grid faces collapse as leaders push renewables, EVs

National Grid: Relying on wind power means getting used to cutting energy use

Addressing Wind/Solar Instability: Hardwiring the Grid

Biden’s 67% EV policy: a dictatorial attack on American drivers and the US grid

Alternative Energy Projects Are Bankrupting The Energy Grid

Renewables versus the grid at PJM

The US Electrical Grid: Achilles Heel of the World?

20 Reasons Electric Cars Aren’t Taking Over Just Yet

Note 1 — Others are concerned about various types of attacks on the Grid, by our enemies, but those would result in a severe military response. IMO there is little reason for outsiders to undermine our Grid when we are rapidly doing it ourselves.

Note 2 — Not surprisingly, the Left does not acknowledge this and instead blames the Grid for not being able to handle intermittent unreliables. However, the amount of favorable Grid treatment already given to wind and solar is stunningly unprecedented, and completely without any rational explanation. It is simply the work of lobbyists.

Note 3 — Since I’m writing primarily for a layperson audience, I have simplified a few things. For example, the US Grid is actually made up of six different regions. It’s likely if one or more of these regions goes down, the rest will fall like dominoes.

Note 4 — Another example where I have simplified things is that I have skipped over the actual impossibility of doing what the alarmists are advocating, e.g. replacing most of our fossil fuel electricity sources with renewables. For those technically minded, this video explains one reason. Below is one screenshot example, showing the physical impossibility of replacing fossil fuels. There are some technically aware people on the Left, so they also know this. They continue on anyway as the objective is not to actually run things with renewables, but rather to crash the Grid, and us…

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