APPLE ADMITS iPhone Software Updates PURPOSELY Slow Down Phones, Will Pay Millions in Settlement

iPhone owners who were part of a class action lawsuit against Apple, alleging it deliberately slowed down its old iPhones to get people to upgrade to the latest model, will finally be getting their payout.

This is how they treat they customers. The penalty is a mere pittance for Apple next to all the customers they robbed.

Litigants are only going to get anywhere from $65-$80 dollars but the lawyers will get wildly rich.


By: Outkick, August 18, 2023:

On Friday, a judge instructed Apple to begin paying out hundreds of millions of dollars to over 3.3 million plaintiffs that were part of a 2020 class action lawsuit against the tech giant. The expected payout will cost Apple anywhere from $310 to $500 MILLION DOLLARS in the end. The plaintiffs argued that Apple’s iPhones were using “software throttling” tactics, which deliberately slowed down user’s phones so they would purchase new ones. (Exactly what I’ve been arguing!)

Apple has never officially admitted to any wrongdoing, but rather argued that the updates slowed phones down because of battery issues, yadda yadda yadda. The agreement originally came back in 2020, but like all things, it took years for anything to actually happen. That all changes now with expected payments in the coming days and weeks.


Unfortunately, litigants are only going to get anywhere from $65-$80 dollars. To be honest with you, that absolutely stinks, especially when I look back at the thousands of dollars I’ve given to Apple. (Also, why the hell do they keep changing their charging ports?! Well, we know why…)

Regardless though, it is definitely a moral victory for the little person standing up to the big tech giant. A win is a win people!

An interesting side note – iPhone users are currently getting a new software update alert on their phones. I’m sure they are with “the best intentions,” but because Apple has screwed with us so many times throughout the years, I know for a fact many people will purposely not update. You can’t fool us anymore, Apple.

What’s really interesting about the timing is another thing that I’ve argued for years (and have now been proven right with Apple’s settlement). Why was it that major software updates seemed to come around September or October? Conveniently, when new iPhones were also being released, and in the lead up to Black Friday – one of the biggest shopping days of the year (as well as the holiday season where people are willing to spend money on new things… like Apple iPhones). Hmmm.

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