New Study Shoots Down Biden’s Claim that Transition to Green Energy will Create Jobs

The grim reality is that the transition to green energy will be catastrophic for the economy, and if it is fully followed through, will reduce the United States to Third World status.

The Biden regime seems intent on making life as difficult as they possibly can for Americans, and aiding and enabling America’s foes in every way.

That’s what the green agenda will do: China, a much greater polluter than America ever was, will take the place of the U.S. in the global economy as we reduce ourselves to a backwater and former great power.

New Study Complicates Biden’s Claims That His Green Agenda Will Be Great For The Working Man

by Nick Pope, Daily Caller, August 21, 2023:

A recently-published study complicates President Joe Biden’s claims that his massive green agenda will allow for a “just transition” for blue-collar fossil fuel workers to land on their feet in his envisioned green economy.

Biden has routinely asserted that his anti-fossil fuel “Bidenomics” agenda will usher in a new green manufacturing and jobs boom in the U.S. However, the study, authored by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest University and labor market analytics firm Lightcast, found that less than 1% of workers leaving fossil fuel-related jobs transition into green energy jobs, and that the supposed benefits of such a transition are unlikely to be evenly distributed across the country, geographically or socioeconomically.

“I came to office determined to move away from the trickle-down economics and to focus on the middle class.  Because I said when the middle class does well, everybody does well — everybody does well,” Biden said during a Wednesday speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, touting the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), his signature climate and healthcare bill, on its one-year anniversary.

“Folks, as I’ve said for a long time — for a long time: when I think climate, I think jobs,” Biden said in the speech. “Not a joke. When I think climate, I think jobs.  That’s the future.”…

While some states exhibit low rates of transition into green jobs, states like California have above average rates of green energy job adoption, the study asserted. To arrive at their findings, the authors analyzed 130 million online employment profiles, which represented about 300 million job-to-job transitions….

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