After Betraying September 11 Families, Biden to Skip 9/11 Memorials

Biden isn’t about to let the 9/11 anniversary interfere with his foreign tour schedule.

Last week thousands of 9/11 families signed a letter asking Biden not to cut a deal with Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: the Al-Qaeda mastermind of the attacks and many others.

Biden predictably didn’t give a damn.

After all, he had already conspired to free most of the imprisoned Islamic terrorists from Gitmo. And he had managed to rob 9/11 families in court and transfer the money to the Taliban.

No one was going to welcome him in New York or Pennsylvania. So Biden will become the first president to skip the official memorials. Not even Obama sank so low and that is really saying something.

Former President Joe Biden will mark the 22nd anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks with service members in Alaska – marking the first time a U.S. president will observe the solemn anniversary at a site other than New York, Virginia, or Pennsylvania.

The White House announced the unusual locale on Monday, on the same day it revealed the president was adding another country to his itinerary – adversary turned partner Vietnam.

Biden will stop in Alaska on the return from his trip to India for the G20 summit, which will be followed by a stop in Hanoi, in a visit likely to send a signal about countering the threat from China.

Biden isn’t about to let the anniversary of the attacks interfere with his foreign tour schedule (it certainly didn’t interfere with his surrender to the Taliban) so he’ll stop off at a base in Alaska where the personnel, unlike the 9/11 families, are barred from showing their true feelings for the double-dealing son of a bitch.

And, much like with the Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden is making a point by breaking with the tradition of the 9/11 memorials, signaling that a page is being turned. Once he contrives to close Gitmo, that will be another page turned. And another betrayal by the traitor-in-chief.



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