Labor is Energy is POWER

Simply put: No Labor, NO ENERGY, NO POWER

Who supplies the Labor? The American Middleclass worker.

Why is the government planning and scheming to eliminate the American worker? Because the Globalists want you to need them so they can control you. Once you need and count on the government to survive you are their serf/slave forever. If you need them you will not vote against them and they will be in power for hundreds of years. What a future. From freedom to suppression by 2030. Remember, you will own nothing and they will be happy.

This weekend is Labor Day weekend.  Each year on the first Monday of September we celebrate those hard working Americans who power America.  Or do we?  Retailers want us to shop for Labor Day.  Fed chairman Jerome Powel wants us unemployed.   Instead of looking in the mirror and blaming himself for high inflation, he blames the struggling American worker. Americans wages are too high he moans.  We must leave the borders open to bring in  “Unvaxxed” Illegal aliens. They will work for less Since illegals get most of their living expenses paid by the American Taxpayer they are about to replace, the corporations can pay them less. Instead of celebrating the American worker, this regime wants to put them out of work.  Without the American workers and their continuous contributions to the American economy America will lose power. The work ethic that American workers have made to the development, quality, growth, endurance, prosperity, productivity of America at one time made American products the most sought after in the world. Then the greedy, immoral capitalists started raiding America’s wealth.

The greedy immoral capitalists wanted more and more and more so they created crisis after crisis. They realized if they inflicted fear into the populace and then created a crisis people would demand help. By giving free stuff the people would give up freedom to feel safe. They lied and told the workers about the glory of socialism which always leads to communism. “Socialism is the road, communism is the destination.” William Federer.  They outsourced American jobs overseas and then regulated what was left. Tax revenue went down so they printed money out of thin air. I strongly believe that We The People have no debt. The debt was created by the Federal Reserve (Neither Federal not a Reserve) to fund themselves therefore, they should be responsible to pay it back.

The communists infiltrated colleges and taught the kids to become communist activists. Activists infiltrated the unions, and pushed free stuff so workers would turn against their employers.   Many times their demands were so insane the company went out of business. For their trouble, workers were given a Federal Labor Day Holiday paid by the American taxpayer. Did the workers feel better?  Now Labor Day has become a federal holiday for Americans to gather, shop and barbeque, I wondered if anyone knows the history of Labor Day.  Is Labor Day even taught in school?

Join Bill Federer and I and learn another piece of forgotten history.

GUEST:  Bill Federer


Get your kids out of the indoctrination clinics masquerading as public schools.  Create a MICROSCHOOL

Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Is America worth saving?  Doing Nothing is affirmation.

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Important Messages

In 2021, Florida Statute 101.5604 was signed into law. Look at the last sentence: A county must use an electronic or electromechanical precinct-count tabulation voting system.  Florida is mandated to use the corrupt machines. Call your legislator and tell them to change must to may. Does your state have a similar statute?

Call your federal Legislators tell them: NO security, NO Funding, NO Continuing resolution.

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Still think the election was not stolen see 2000Mules

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