Important Information for the Public and Victims of Remdesivir

This column is about the Remdesivir, aka Veklury, class action. Everyone should read it and help even if you think it does not apply to you.

To the Healthcare workers please stay strong, we are working on settlements every day. Watch for updates.

To media: please help us spread this information.

To everyone else, please take the time to read and forward this column.

Reminds me of a quick story:

One day I was in the car with my son who was twenty-one at the time. A dangerous occurrence happened on the roadway where we were. I said to my son, ‘should I call 911? I bet many others already did.’ He turned to me and said, ‘mom, you need to call. Too often people assume someone else made the call then no one calls, and someone gets hurt when it could have been prevented.’ Think of my son’s words when you get to the bottom of this column.

Thank you in advance.

Many of you know that Jill Myer and I began our legal careers representing union members for all their needs under their legal benefit plans. We originally met in law school and then we both found that we loved doing Adoption matters. For more than 20 years we helped people complete their families through private adoption. The most rewarding work I have ever done. Until now….

As a domestic adoption attorney in NY our firm made a living, but we were never rich. We never asked for donations, instead we donated if the situation called for us to reduce our fees. We love hearing updates from families. In fact, I could write for hours telling stories that would make you laugh and cry, but mostly make you feel joy.

For the past two plus years I have found myself helping with many other causes. I became a part of a team of attorneys who seek the removal of Remdesivir aka Veklury from use by any institution i.e., hospital, doctor, nurse, clinic etc. This team has worked, without pay, on a Complaint which we believe will survive the Prep Act and could yield the results we seek and save lives. To date we have more than one thousand plaintiffs and we know that number will be in the thousands when we file. We have raised close to $70,000. The class action will cost at least $1 million dollars if it does not settle before a trial. Our team has agreed to file the case if we reach the goal of $200,000.

This is an Urgent Call to Action so that we do not miss the opportunity to file this life-saving case. Some of our causes of action are coming close to their Statute of Limitations. It would be tragic and a shame if we cannot file because we passed the deadline.

Many attorneys are scared to go up against big Pharma. I do not blame them. It scares me too! That is why our team spreads out across the country. After listening to so many horror stories, we as a team cannot sit back and be complacent. If this has not affected you, please know this can happen to anyone. Remdesivir and Veklury are still being used for in and outpatient care. It is a death sentence. Listen to some of the testimonials on the Former Feds website (

No donation is too large or too small. Please share this. It is not political. This case will help everyone. If each plaintiff could donate $100 each, we could file tomorrow. We need justice and we need to save lives.

Jamie Scher

Please click here to go to a page where you can donate to GiveSendGo or purchase a medical alert bracelet or donate directly at

Thank you in advance from the Leaders of the team throughout the country: Jamie Scher, Stephen Scher, Sheldon Karasik, Melissa Jacobs, David D’alia. You will also be helping Former Feds Group, Dan Watkins, Michael Hamilton and so many more attorneys throughout the country who are helping survivors and families of victims.

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