INSURRECTION: Left-Wing Terrorists Stormed Speaker McCarthy’s Office to Riot

Is the corrupt DoJ pursing them like the J6 protesters? Will they be hounded, destroyed, imprisoned?

Far-left activists have stormed U.S. Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office.

A very sad day for Democracy… will they be thrown in prison for years on end for this?

The radical activists stormed McCarthy’s office to riot in favor of a 5 year reauthorization of PEPFAR, a program that addresses the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

When Democrats do this, they are “occupying.”

If Trump supporters do this, they are “traitors.”

HIV protesters occupy House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s office: Seven arrested as activists get on their knees and chant

  • ‘McCarthy – pass PEPFAR now,’ they shouted
  • The money for the global AIDS program ends Sept. 30th unless reauthorized
  • Program is caught up in an abortion rights fight

By Emily Goodin, Daily Mail, , 11 September 2023

A group of protesters stormed Kevin McCarthy’s office on Capitol Hill on Monday, demanding he reauthorize PEPFAR, the HIV/AIDS relief program.

‘McCarthy – pass PEPFAR now,’ they shouted and chanted as they seated themselves on the floor.

U.S. Capitol Police removed them from McCarthy’s office in the Rayburn House Office Building, which is across the street from his official speaker’s office in the Capitol building.

The seven protesters, some wearing t-shirts that read HIV-positive and waving signs calling to ‘end AIDS,’ were handcuffed and taken away.

It’s unlikely McCarthy was in that office as he usually works out of the Capitol building but his staff didn’t immediately respond to’s inquiry. Monday marks the day House members are returning to Washington D.C. after their summer break.

PEPFAR, also known as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, fights AIDS and HIV and the virus that causes it in areas throughout the developing world. It provides funding for prevention, treatment and medication.

PEPFAR funds are credited with saving 25 million lives across the globe. The funds are spread across Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

The activists – from Health GAP (Global Access Project), which is a nonprofit that advocates for those with HIV and Housing Works, a group dedicated to ending homelessness and AIDS – posted video and pictures of their protest all over social media.

‘This global AIDS program has saved 25 million lives. We need a CLEAN 5-YEAR REAUTHORIZATION from Congress,’ Housing Works posted online.

But some conservative Republicans charge that funds from the program’s nearly $7 billion annual budget goes to abortion providers.

President Joe Biden’s administration, the program’s leaders and outside experts vehemently deny this.

Protestors stormed McCarthy’s office to demand that PEPFAR, a global AIDS program, become reauthorized

However, Republican Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, who heads the subcommittee that controls PEPFAR, is leading the charge to stop the program’s renewal until the anti-abortion restrictions the Biden administration lifted in 2021 are reinstated.

Those restricts prevented groups using PEPFAR funds from discussing abortion as an option.

Democrats argue any pause in funding can harm those fighting the virus.

McCarthy, meanwhile, is dealing with a full plate.

As lawmakers return to Capitol Hill this week, he has to fund the government before the September 30th deadline, deal with a White House request for more aid to the Ukraine and appease conservatives, who want to begin impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden.

He is balancing several balls in the air as the fall session begins.

He became speaker after a deal with the conservative wing of the Republican Party issued a list of demands – including the ability to call a quick vote to ‘vacate the chair’ and remove him from office.

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