The Goals of the Globalists: What Do They Really Want?

For every human action, there is a motivation, a purpose, a goal, if you will, that indicates what is the desired result of a particular action. The majority of them are likely simple actions connected with the desire to sustain life and are therefore harmless to the general public. In many cases, the primary goal is obvious and appears harmless, oftentimes merely a goal of self-satisfaction, a short term passing goal that goes mostly unnoticed.

Then, there are other goals that are not only harmful, but potentially catastrophic to many millions of people; unfortunately, many times the motivations, purposes and goals are well hidden and can only be determined by serious scrutiny.

We are seeing the result of some of these more nefarious goals now, not just in America but in nearly every nation on Earth. The most troubling of these are established and promoted by global entities  such as the World Health Organization (WHO), The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the CFR and the CIA, just to name a few, and they all seem to be promoting their ideas as a heartfelt effort to provide beneficial and even life-changing improvements for all mankind.

Really? In nearly eighty years of living, I have yet to experience one international group that truly had the welfare of others as their first priority. As much as I doubt their claims to desire to benefit mankind, I DO believe their ideas are life-changing, especially for those most vulnerable to non-beneficial change.

So the main, if unspoken, goal of the globalists, the “sustainable development” program designers, the authors of the UN 2030 Agenda trap, the WEF, the CDC, George Soros, Bill Gates, the Big Pharma drug cartels, the shrieking “climate change” voices, such as Swedish teenaged climate “expert” Greta Thunberg, constantly decrying doom and gloom, and other nefarious entities is……What? To improve the lives of all who live on the Earth?

Are they seriously trying to convince John Q. Public that they want to ‘make things better’ for humanity? Does anyone now believe that to be their ultimate goal? The methods they will use to reach their goal will require a forfeiting of nearly all OUR freedoms and personal liberties, not to mention any choices in what to eat, where to live, what to say and even what to think, so all those who have bought into their madness need to seriously consider these questions.

They claim to be ‘saving the planet’, but from what? In their much ballyhooed, laughable and self-professed human wisdom, they want to “save the planet” when they have no idea what even keeps it where it is, eternally fixed in the universe (Job 38:34-36). When their ideas and plans intended to save the planet are closely scrutinized, it becomes obvious to the discerning mind that they are the ones doing the most harm to the planet. And even if they had the knowledge needed to reverse what seems to be the most consequential problems, the thought that their knowledge is needed to do so, is arrogant at best and an ultimate insult to the God of creation.

It is utterly laughable that the God Who created the heavens and earth would need the assistance of a bunch of immoral, lying, greedy and whorish politicians to help Him save His planet (Psalm 24:1). Even if man understood the cause of all the environmental and natural problems plaguing Earth, any attempt on his part to fix them would only make them worse, and in many cases, already has.

With the track record they have of “helping out humanity”, a record they all seem to be so proud of, only a complete idiot would ever believe they have any regard for our welfare, and that truth is becoming more and more obvious to a majority of the people who are not a part of their elitist cabal. So if they truly have no plans to make things better for all of us, contrary to their words, what exactly do they want? Is there any way we can truly know what their plan is without them openly exposing it to us?

The Globalist Agenda

Their agenda is not an “American agenda”, a “European agenda”, an “Asian agenda”, an “African agenda” or even a left or right agenda; it is more of a “world agenda”, the same agenda as that of the earliest known globalist character in the Bible: Nimrod. Even though he was the great-grandson of Noah, who should have known, and likely DID know, the commandments of God given to Noah after the flood, he decided to go his own way and became an enemy of God. Desiring to be a “global leader”, and wanting to establish himself as the mighty hunter (of men) and build a tower, the Tower of Babel, that would reach unto heaven, his agenda was to fulfil his own lust for power and control over all humanity. This was in direct contradiction to the command given to Noah after the flood that had destroyed all humanity except eight souls. When God instructed Noah to multiply and replenish the Earth, in essence the same Command God had given to Adam, it was God’s way of telling the offspring of Noah to go separate ways and establish a new family of humans that would cover the Earth. And with a completed tower in defiance of God, he might have gotten away with his devilish plan, but God interceded and scattered all the offspring of Noah around the Earth.

Today, the Earth is much more populated with humans than in Noah’s time after the flood and unfortunately there is still today a large group of “Nimrods” for whom power and control over humanity is their consuming passion. Like Nimrod, they foolishly believe they are capable of controlling the entire Earth. Unfortunately, they have advanced their goals and agenda much farther than is comfortable for most of us. They have had success due to several factors, the first being that they are, themselves, under the dominion of Satan, the fallen angel, who was given dominion over the World, NOT the Earth, at the rebellion of Adam. The second factor is that, because Satan is still the god of this World (again, NOT the Earth), he has the wherewithal to offer rewards to all who will willingly follow him on his quest to defeat God and win control over both the World AND the Earth.

Such rewards, namely riches (money) and a level of power (control) they could never achieve on their own, are too much for many humans to resist and they jump on Satan’s train, sticking their thumbs in God’s eye, mocking him just as did Nimrod.

They seem to have accepted the lie and deception: that their role in assisting Satan in his foolish attempt to defeat God will earn them a special place in the “hierarchy of control” after all the dust settles. Unfortunately for them, when the dust settles, the fate of those who worked with Satan to destroy humanity and gain total control will have been sealed and their destination is the lake of fire.

Meanwhile, we who still follow the one true God, Jehovah, must deal with the ongoing crises that the minions of Satan create. I have noticed that, in the past 3-5 years, those crises are becoming more frequent, larger and more far-reaching in scope, not only the ones we face here in the U.S., but also those that occur in the rest of the world. This should not be surprising since we were told that, as time progresses toward the end of the Church age, deception will increase and more will fall away from the Truth and the Grace of Jesus Christ and will follow their own desires and those of Satan.

We who still follow God must focus on His word and MUST be aware of the deception that surrounds us and grows every day. One goal of the globalists is to distract us from what truly matters and get us to focus on their narrative.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines the word “narrative” as, “The presentation of the positions of a politician or political party in the media, as by press releases, speeches, and interviews”. Most thinking Americans have figured out by now that the narrative they get from most mainstream media is a seriously biased version that presents one, and ONLY one idea while working vigorously to refute any words contrary to the globalist narrative pushed by the mainstream media.

George Orwell stated in his book, “1984”: “Who controls the past, controls the future. And who controls the present controls the past.” To that I would add: “Who controls the Press, controls the narrative, and who controls the narrative controls the people”.

As proof of that last statement, in 1915, when a group of globalist elites led by J.P. Morgan purchased 25 of the most influential newspapers in the United States, their plan was to use the power of the printed word to formulate and maintain a national policy narrative that they hoped would easily provide a level of control over the thoughts and actions of the American people: .

Their plan was wildly successful leading to the entry of the United States into WW1, and resulting in a total of 320,000 U.S. military and civilian casualties. This was followed by WW2 and an additional one million plus U.S. casualties. Both world wars were completely unnecessary and should have been avoided, especially by the United States government since we were NOT attacked on our soil and therefore had, or should have had, no reason to partake in either conflict.

Nearly every war in which the U.S. has been involved since then has been, to some degree, the result of the power of the Press to push the narrative desired by government leaders and politicians of the major parties and the globalists. And to a great extent, that narrative benefits the Industrial Military Complex, as well as all other corporatist/military complexes and the politicians who are in the pockets of the wealthy elites, while leaving the average American with an ever-increasing tax burden and less of their money to spend as they see fit.

There are many globalists who see the United States as an impediment to their “New World Order”. For example, George Soros has been quoted as saying, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” Most globalists seem to agree with him and have been working behind the scenes to bring about the demise of the US. These are mostly ultra wealthy people, or groups of people, who have enough riches and power to influence government policy in nearly every nation.

The preceding is just a sampling of those who have assisted Satan in the furtherance of a globalist agenda. Their ongoing efforts to destroy our nation, piece by piece, has caused many patriotic Americans to weary of the whole mess and simply opt out of any form of confrontation that would work against the globalists efforts. That reticence has now divided this nation, culturally, racially, and politically, to the extent that it may be too late to mount a political defense against their plans.

It has now been proven that election outcomes can be determined by those with political power over the election processes, leaving a small minority with the power over the masses.

When the electors of a nation lose confidence in their government and begin to realize that elections are far from “honest and fair”, they tend to shrink from any involvement in government, leaving the globalists to seize control over every aspect of politics,  local, state and federal. One of the main strategies of the globalists is distraction, providing one, or a series of events that seem to be life-altering and which will consume much of the time of those who actually seek the truth or facts that could provide some enlightenment into the workings of our world and our government. The distractions are kept alive on the news cycles long enough to achieve their goal, and when that point is reached, the distraction has served its purpose and it then fades away into oblivion.

Though I fully believe it, I cannot offer any solid proof that the end goal of the globalists is the destruction of the United States through a weakening, financially, militarily and especially morally, that has already taken a terrible toll on the U.S. populace. Unless a majority of those affected by all the recent events begin to understand just what is happening, and take whatever measures they can, as individuals, it may be too late to reverse the damage done.

Those who were distracted have been more or less programmed to believe the distractions provide some benefit, but the only ones who truly benefit are the globalists.

I fear we are now reaching the point here in the U.S. where the directed narrative in conjunction with the distractions used by the globalists, and pushed by the wholly-owned mainstream media, has all but seduced the masses into a state of acceptance of defeat in a war against tyranny. The power of such a narrative cannot be overstated, but, as a believer, I still believe the only narrative we need is the word of God, the only place where absolute truth can be found. If we stand on God’s word, we still can have hope that the situation in the US can be turned around, but even if that is the case, time is quickly running out.

Maranatha and Blessings!

©2023. Bud Hancock. All rights reserved.

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