ELECTION FRAUD FLORIDA: Hundreds of Thousands of ‘Blank Ballots’ Cast in 2022 Election

A bombshell revelation by election data expert Chris Gleason is stunning Sarasota County’s Supervisor of Elections with mountains of evidence of bipartisan election fraud/malfeasance. The electoral corruption in Florida includes so-called ‘blank ballots’, dirty voter rolls, election computers that have internet capability, early voting and vote by mail. There were 17,000 so-called ‘blank ballots’ in Sarasota County alone!

If the so-called “mantle” for state election integrity is corrupt, then all 50 states in electoral trouble! Florida boasts “safe elections” but nothing could be further from the truth. Graham Ledger introduces us to election data expert Chris Gleason who has got some stunning revelations along with action items for you – your marching orders – in the effort to end the corruption of our precious franchise.

Gleason is speaking to the Sarasota Patriots in October, but Graham Ledger has a preview which explains exactly how nefariously ‘blank ballots’ corrupt your vote:

Report: Hundreds of Thousands of Florida Ballots Were Flagged as “Blank” and Later Adjudicated (Updated)

This article originally appeared on “Immutable Truth – Election Integrity” and parts were published in this report with permission.

Chris Quackenbush in Lee County uncovered an interesting dataset in the ES&S EL45A Election Summary Results. This find was “the spark” that helped expose election fraud and solve the largest legal problem facing American who were contesting election results.

Chris asked me to help her see if what she had identified in Lee County was going on elsewhere in Florida based on my effectiveness in obtaining data and election fraud evidence via public records requests.

What we found throughout the State of Florida (America’s Gold Standard For Elections) was shocking. Hundreds of thousands of ballots cast by Florida voters were adjudicated as 100% BLANK by ES&S Tabulators.

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This is from the Florida Republican Assembly:

Dear FRA Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

It has come to our attention that the RPOF and DeSantis loyalists have quietly embraced and passed an “unconstitutional” loyalty oath in May 2023 without proper debate and or discussion in an attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot.  Moreover, this type of underhanded behavior is called voter interference and will not be tolerated.

On Friday, September 15, 2023, the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) will be having their Quarterly meeting at the Rosen Center Hotel @ 9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819-8111, from 6pm – 8pm EST, which is open to the public but expect them to call for executive session kicking everyone out.

It is to our understanding, there will be a motion on the floor to REVOKE the “unconstitutional” loyalty oath, which only the county chairs and state executive committeeman & committeewoman are authorized to vote on.

CALL-TO-ACTION:  We need everyone to attend this meeting and demand the RPOF stop engaging in voter interference as well as encourage RPOF members NOT to support their “unconstitutional” loyalty oath.  ALSO, Tweet Ziegler, Power, & Jones and let them know you disapprove of their underhanded behavior:

RPOF Chair Christian Ziegler | @ChrisMZiegler

RPOF Vice Chair Evan Power | Evan’s Substack

RPOF Operative Stafford Jones | @Staffordjones

Here is Graham Ledger’s response to this phony loyalty oath and this thinly veiled attempt to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in Florida:

This article from Citizens for Renewing America is suggested reading from the President of Sarasota Patriots, Tamzin Rosenwasser, concerning defunding the DOJ, et.al.

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