Race Hustler Sharpton: Lack of Gun Legislation is ‘Arming Bigots’

Friday on MSNBC’s Deadline, race hustler and network host Al Sharpton said he believed a “lack” of gun legislation in the United States was a civil rights issue because society was “arming bigots.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Kamala Harris will lead this effort. She spoke today about witnessing firsthand the impacts of gun violence during her time as a prosecutor and attorney general.”

Sharpton said, “Absolutely. The fact that she has an effective background as a prosecutor, she wasn’t just holding the title, and dealt with this in California, dealt with it when she was D.A. of San Francisco. It was a good choice of the president to put her there. And I know she’ll be all in.”

Biden, or whoever the actual President is, put her there to keep her occupied. She’s the most incompetent, worthless politician in the Biden administration, and she’ll accomplish nothing as Gun Control Czaress.

He continued, “This is the most dangerous time, particularly for young people, that we have seen in American history. And yet, you have almost a wall there of people saying, no, we’re not giving up our AR-15s, we’re not giving up not even background checks.”

Sharpton added, “We just had the hate killing in Jacksonville, Florida. This guy had an AR-15. So even whether you want to look at it from advocating in terms of civil rights, advocating just on guns, it weighs in because people cannot do mass killings unless they have mass instruments. We are arming bigots, we are arming people that are not respectful of the United States citizens. All of these people are being armed by a lack of legislation.”

Sharpton doesn’t care about stopping gun violence. He doesn’t care about the black shooting victims of black criminals every weekend in Democrat-run big cities like Chicago. Like all Democrats, he cares about disarming the law-abiding citizens who stand in the way of total Democrat power.

Al Sharpton

136 Known Connections

  • Founder of the National Action Network
  • Views America as a nation infested with systemic racism
  • Helped incite anti-Jewish riots in Crown Heights, New York in 1991
  • Was convicted of libel for his role in the racially charged Tawana Brawley hoax
  • Incited black anti-Semites against a Jewish business establishment in Harlem in 1995

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  1. BuzzedLightYears
    BuzzedLightYears says:

    Al Sharpton is one of THE BIGGEST RACIST in America today ! He’s Still running around pushing the ” Slave ” mentality, and as long as Blacks continue following him, nothing much will change. Their are far better Black people to be following and listening to today.
    The Demonic Democrats have continued to oppress and hold Blacks back by THEIR Racist policies.
    Blacks only need to understand this, and stop voting for Demonic Democrats, if they ever want to change their lives. The current Whitehouse resident, Barry Soetoros puppet has done far more damage to the Black population, when he was a Senator, than is being admitted. The Fake media will continue to cover it all up, but with a little reading and studying, Blacks can free themselves from the Racist Policies instituted by that Jell-O Brains Pedophile Bye-Done !! Remember it was grandpa Pedophile Bye-Done who wrote the three strikes law that’s imprisoned so many Blacks.


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