Watch TPUSA’s Newest Reality Series ‘Reloaded’ with Paige Roux

Turning Point USA is excited to announce a new reality show series, Reloaded. Starring TPUSA Contributor and accomplished firearms instructor, Paige Roux!

“Reloaded” brings you an intimate first look at Roux and her family’s life in their well-established business Shooters World. She’s a fulltime firearms instructor with an unapologetic mission to inspire Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

This behind-the-scenes journey follows Paige as she explores what it takes to become an elite competitive shooter as she collaborates with the most accomplished and respected marksmen, reviews advanced firearm craft from the best in the industry, and pushes her own boundaries until she ultimately competes in the prestigious TACTICAL GAMES.

Paige Roux will bring her passion for firearms—and competition—to the forefront in this action-packed new series!

Reloaded is powered by Turning Point USA, and is designed to empower the 2A community by opening doors for interested viewers who want to understand the importance of firearm education and constitutional freedoms.

You can watch the trailer HERE. Full episodes of “Reloaded” are now streaming on and Real America’s Voice.

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