Air Force Secretary’s Office Announces New ‘DEIA’ Initiative

Apparently, the WOKENESS at the top of our DOD/Military leadership will never stop as long as Obama 3/Biden cabal in office.

Air Force Secretary’s Office Announces New ‘DEIA’ Initiative — Airmen and Guardians Required to Actively Counteract Biases and Behaviors that “Negatively Impacting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility”

The U.S. military has faced a number of problems recently in recruiting new soldiers. But Joe Biden’s obsession with pushing woke ideology on recruits instead of teaching them to fight is not helping matters at all.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall unveiled the new Department of the Air Force’s Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Strategic Plan.

“We are dedicated to serving our Nation by maintaining our status as the world’s best Air Force and Space Force, responsible for flying, fighting, and winning in the air, and protecting and defending our interests in space,” Kendall said in a statement.

“As with any competitive team, our success depends on recruiting and retaining the best talent… The Department of the Air Force’s (DAF) diversity and inclusion efforts are informed by science, business best practices, congressional mandates, data- focused policy reviews and assessments, and the lived experiences of Airmen and Guardians working together every day.”

“Our mission requires the DAF be representative of the diverse Nation we serve. To maintain the pipeline of All-Volunteer Force, we must leverage the diversity of the United States – including racial and gender, but also regional, cultural, socioeconomic, and philosophical diversity. Our diversity distinguishes our force and provides us with unique advantages on today’s battlefield and the battlefield of the future,” he added.

The DEIA plan, which aligns with Biden’s White House and the Department of Defense’s DEIA Maturity Model Frameworks, aims to measure organizational effectiveness in advancing the woke DEIA outcomes.

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Source: Executive Order on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in the Federal Workforce — JUNE 25, 2021

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  1. AbsurdlyCritical
    AbsurdlyCritical says:

    I keep hearing all this blather about Diversity being some kind of Strength but have yet to receive any hard facts proving this is the case. While I agree that diversity of thought or rather a team of people trying to tackle some problem with each bringing unique experiences to bear against it sounds like a good idea I do not think the type of diversity that is being forced by government initiatives is that kind of diversity. I fail to see how unit cohesion is improved if each member of said unit is focused on their individual identity. Furthermore when speaking of Diversity on a grand scale Western Governments around the world have taken in Islamic migrants with cultures vastly different than our own and after the recent horrendous attacks by Hamas in Israel many among these populations were celebrating. While I have my own reservations about Israel based on their past actions involving stealing US nuclear secrets and attacking a US ship to try to pull us in to war with Egypt amongst other things I do not wish them dead nor do I celebrate the slaughter of innocents. I am not antisemitic nor pro Islamic I just acknowledge the current conflict as merely the latest chapter of a conflict that spans centuries and do not think Israel’s response of indescriminate bombing and blanket invasion of Gaza is right either as not everyone in Gaza is Hamas and any collateral damage will only likely escalate things further potentially drawing in Hezbollah and Iran and potentially other countries in reaction to that like us the US. I don’t understand the point of this potentially escalating to WWIII as the indescriminate violence on both sides just seems pointless and stupid. I’m also sick of America’s involvement in foreign wars that seem to serve no purpose and waste large amounts of money. I do not see how we’d ever be prepared for an actual war considering how weak our military is becoming due to DEI initiatives, how low our oil reserves are and how much deficit spending we’ve done.

    • Royal A Brown III
      Royal A Brown III says:

      100% spot on with your comments about Diversity and our weakend, woke military. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are just another way of saying Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is totally racist and preaches hate. Our military today under the Obama 3/Beijing Biden regime are being required to have CRT training.

      The object of this is to force unqualified women into close combat roles so they have equity (not equal opportunity) to be promoted to highest ranks including flag officers.

      Because of Diversity including acceptance of Transgenders and LGBTQ people into our military; loosened maternity policies allowing longer leaves for females and males; lax rules on deployabiliity; stand downs to seek out and drum out “extremists” which is code for conservatives, especially Trump supporters; Rules of Engagement favoring our enemies; affirmative action in regard to promotions and assignments; emphasis on Climate Change rather than combat readiness and other woke policies, our military can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag much less a 2-front war.

      Obama 3/Biden and their woke SOD Austin and old and new Chairs of Joint Chiefs of staff Milley and now Brown, are enforcing these policies on our military. The result are huge recruiting problems; lack of respect fear of our armed forces by our enemies; loss of respect by the public and most critically a huge loss of combat readiness.

      My pastor, who rightfully brings politics into his sermons recently stated that “Diversity” is the Devil’s language as it divides us by race, gender, ethhicity, etc. and does not Unite us. .


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