‘Surrounded By Tanks’: IDF Encircles Several Hamas HQ and Munition Depots In Gaza hospitals

Four Gaza hospitals are currently encircled by the IDF, acting on precise intelligence indicating Hamas leaders presence with significant weapons and explosives.

Civilians are leaving these hospitals and are escorted to safety as the IDF advances in a new phase of the conflict.

Hamas terrorists are shooting at white flag waving Palestinians trying to leave the Nasser Hospital in Gaza for refusing to stay as their human shields.

‘Surrounded by tanks’: IDF encircles several Gaza hospitals

IDF tightens chokehold on Hamas as special forces engage in close-quarters combat with terrorists at several locations; in first since war’s onset, Palestinians seen leaving Shifa hospital

By: Einav Halabi, Yoav Zitun, Elisha Ben Kimon Y Net News, November 10, 2023:

IDF forces are encircling several hospitals across the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian reported Friday morning as the war enters its 35th day.

Palestinians also reported that displaced Gazans staying in Shifa Hospital in western Gaza City were forced to leave as Israeli special forces were engaging in close-quarters combat with terrorists near the medical facility, which is used by Hamas as its command center in the northern Gaza Strip.

The hospital’s director said that medical staff “won’t leave the hospital, and we will not abandon the patients inside.” He added, “We estimate that the hospital and its occupants will be bombed at any moment.

Director of Al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital in northwestern Gaza City, Bakr Qaoud, told Al Jazeera that Israeli vehicles have been stationed around the hospital since Thursday.

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