What Chinese President Xi Really Fears

Biden and Chinese President Xi met in San Francisco this week, in an effort to dial down tensions between the two countries.

For Biden, the big takeaway was a sort-of agreement by the Chinese to take a look into fentanyl exports, which of course the Chinese state is supporting. In exchange for a promise by Xi to have a look-see, Biden removed US sanctions against Chinese entities engaged in poisoning 100,000 Americans every year. Every year!

Pre-emptive sanctions relief has become a hallmark of this administration. First with Iran, now with China.

But the real reason Xi came to San Francisco was to meet with Silicon Valley execs. Because his real fear is not Biden, or U.S. intervention in the Taiwan Strait, but on-shoring of U.S. production.

This is what President Trump began during Covid, and it’s the true nightmare of the Chinese. Since the late 1980s, and ramping up dramatically under Clinton, Communist China has pillaged our industries, destroyed our factories and bankrupted our workers, by offering US companies anti-competitive deals to offshore US production.

As American companies began to respond to incentives under Trump, the Chinese economy tanked – and Xi got scared. Hence his new best-buddy, Joe Biden, the best buddy that money can buy.

How far will Biden go to support Israel? While I have certainly heard the rumors that the Biden White House is looking for an alternative to Bibi Netanyahu (if you’re a Deep Stater, you hate Bibi), I think Biden will stay the course until Jill Stein of Cornel West truly pose a threat to his re-election.

With Chuck Schumer in control of the Senate, Biden risks more by taking overt steps to curb Israel’s legitimate self-defense in Gaza than by opposing them, as the Squad would have him do.

My good friend Lisa Daftari was honored this week by the Jewish Journal for her coverage of the latest wave of pro-freedom protests in Iran, sparked by the murder by regime thugs of Mahsa Amini, a young Kurdish Iranian arrested for violating the hijab laws.

Lisa is a regular commentator on FoxNews. If you don’t subscribe to her daily “Top Ten” email, you should. I read her every day.

I discuss these subjects and more on this week’s Prophecy Today Weekend. As always, you can listen live on Saturday at 1 PM on 104.9 FM or 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Fl, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. If you miss the show live, you can catch the podcast later by using this link.

One subject Rick and I didn’t get to in this week’s broadcast was my column at Frontpage mag on the corruption of the corporate media, who hired Hamas “journalists” to spread terror-porn from the Oct. 7 attacks across the world. You can read my column here.

And since we are entering Thanksgiving week, I hope all of you will give a thought to the special things you are thankful for. Mine are simple: Life, liberty, and love. Put otherwise, I know where I am going (praise the Lord), and I love my wife.

Yours in freedom.

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