The Stalin/Andropov Legacy in America: Controlled Opposition

“The information is the most precious commodity in politics.”— Yuri Andropov.

“This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” — Elmer Davis

Two populist leaders have won in the Netherlands and Argentina sending a tidal wave across two continents. In America I was shocked by the opposite events. There was a discussion between two respected men: Thomas Sowell and Mark Levin on Fox News, November 25, 2023. They were discussing two topics: Biden’s government run by Radical Left and a new book by Thomas Sowell Social Justice FallaciesAfter their discussion Victor Devis Hanson joined Levin’s show. I was sitting, amazed, watching three of the most intelligent men in America, talking about Marxism. Stunning by listening to them, I was still waiting for the truth. Alas, they didn’t know the truth, they didn’t know Stalinism and his ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism. None of them has mentioned Russia at all, none of them grasped Putin’s Socialist Revolution going on in America today.

Those who never heard Andropov’s name don’t know him and therefore they can’t understand what is going on in 2023 America. They don’t know Russia’s role in global politics and activities of its Intel during the last hundred years—they don’t know the term: Controlled Opposition. That means they can’t perceive what is going on in 2023 America, because Biden’s government is the Controlled Opposition. It is not controlled by the dead Marxist theory, but it is controlled by Vladimir Putin and his KGB’s Mafia/Army—an Evil Doer. Putin is a devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, he had very successfully implemented the ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism for the last thirty years…

Another Republican, Laura Ingraham has discussed that problem more deeply. She has exposed the Democrats Socialist Project Brainwash, Clinton Global Initiative, and Equity scam in the Ingraham Angel, Special addition, Fox News, November 23, 2023. Moreover, she also exposed a contemporary danger of TikTok run by China, which has confused kids and will serve as propaganda to vote for Biden in November 2024. Every word said by her is the total truth. She however, didn’t mention the common denominator for all those actions—Stalinist ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. The next day Nathan Sales and Stephan Miller continued the discussion on the Ingraham Angel coming to a sad conclusion: sweeping-radical rise of global anti—Semitism.

It so happened that I was a member of the Russian legal community at the time of Andropov’s tenure as the KGB Chairman 1967-1982. He was a smart and intelligent man, a very unusual Chairman of the KGB: he loved Russian music and poetry. I learned from him about Control Opposition. All of that didn’t prevent him from successfully spreading the ideology of Stalinist Soviet Socialism across the globe, infiltrating all continents. I am an alive witness of his KGB’s Mafia/Army War Crime against humanity, its activities throughout the globe. Some of my friends from the Law School have been working under his supervision and they provided me with the information about him, which I used in my books and columns.

Controlled Opposition

I had known that Controlled Opposition had been invented by Yuri Andropov and I have written several columns describing it. Surprisingly, I   found similar discussion in America and an article: What Is Controlled Opposition? Controlled opposition secretly works against you. BRENDON MAROTTA, MAY 26, 2022. “Controlled opposition is a powerful strategy. In a typical political conflict, each group only gets to play their side of the conflict. With controlled opposition, one organization can play both sides. Controlled opposition can also act as spies, feeding information back to opposition organizations, feeding disinformation to those they pretend to ally with, and deliberately instigating infighting to ensure activist work does not get done.”

It is a brilliant article, written 60 years later, but much better than my explanations. I recommend you to read it to grasp Biden’s secrecy-strategy and possibility for him with the help of the KGB’s Mafia/Army to repeat in 2024 the 2020 election. Yes, the Stalin/Andropov legacy is alive and well in America. Israel-Hamas War will give you the opportunity to look at Controlled Opposition in its life-actions, just watch Biden’s team: collaboration with Russia on the Southern border with millions illegals pouring to our soil destroying the Constitution, or preventing Israel from winning against the terrorist-Hamas by insisting on a cease-fire. I’d also remind you of the Afghanistan shameful surrender, which I described as the Russian design and the White House execution in August 2021. Think about all of it.

As you can see the Soviet propaganda-machine has very smoothly traveled from Russia to China in the 21st century. Perhaps, too smoothly, forgetting the substance and history of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. As a matter of fact, it was Josep Stalin who implemented his ideology of Soviet Socialism in both countries: Russia and China. Both countries’ ideological basis had been Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. Despite changing the official name, the Soviet System with its punitive agencies is still running the government of Russia. Writing about Russia for forty-two years, I presented the current Russia’s FSB by their former name the KGB as the merger, an amalgamation of all Intel agencies Apparatus. My term for the KGB’s Mafia/Army—an Evil Doer has resulted from the rising global anti-Semitism by the KGB’s activities for decades.

Don’t be surprised by massive global pro-Palestinian protests, violence, and vandalism. This is a result of the KB’s Mafia/Army activities for decades. All our colleges are under the pressure to address anti-Semitism, but nobody taught them that Russia is a terrorist and anti-Semitic state, fighting Western civilization for the last hundred years. Terrorism is a violent act to achieve political gain.  All recent terror acts in America had an identical motive and agenda, identical methods and brutal executions. All came from the same source, a testament to a massive failure of our Intel not knowing Russia and its KGB’s Mafia/Army. Yuri Andropov was right: “The information is the most precious commodity in politics.” Please, read information about Russia’s elections, to compare it with the latest elections in America:

“Russian Carousel (Roundabout) in America

Encouraged by his success, Putin and his criminal cabal began designing the final assault on the political system of the American Constitutional Republic—the 2020 election. To grasp my ideas, you have to know the KGB Mafia-Army, Putin’s KGB government, and certain events going on in Russia. In my preceding column. I have tried to show you massive infiltration in the 2020 election by several foreign governments, in particular Putin’s KGB, because I was afraid that Russian hackers would outwit Americans. Maybe the Dominion machines produced fraud, maybe David Sanger NYT is right, researching software, I am not an expert in computer and software technology, but an expert in Russia. The events of multiple frauds were not only obvious visually, but they have been very familiar to me, as happened in the Russian election years ago. And I have described them in my books. The Navarro Report is accurate: the stories of the illegitimate ballots in suitcases and ballots driven by truck from New York to Pennsylvania happened exactly the way it occurred in the Russian 2007 election. Please, read a fragment from my book at the time:

“Have you heard the term carousel (roundabout) used in the election to Duma?  Do you know what it means? Hearing this word in Russian, I did not understand its application at first. The events that followed had given me the meaning of the word. The United Russia party together with the Kremlin’s administration had organized the youth movement’s groups providing them with a caravan of buses. The vast majority of youngsters were called NASHISTS. I watched them on Russian TV. Young people, wearing shirts with Putin’s portrait, singing with enthusiasm bordering on euphoria, occupied the buses and moved along the streets to the voting precincts one after another. The voting ballots were waiting for them and they all voted for United Russia. Then they left for other voting places where they voted again and again for the United Russia (Party).

I will give you another example so you can fully comprehend what is going on in Russia. A couple of months before the election, the Kremlin had issued an order to all enterprises and offices throughout eleven time zones. The order requested all the workers of the above-mentioned plants and offices, students and teachers to take the absentee ballots from their places of residence and vote in their place of work or study. The heads of all offices were told to watch how people were voting and provide United Russia with the victory. Moreover, the policy of infiltration from the Soviet past became clear in the present Russia.” pp. 191-192, What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, XLIBRIS, 2012.

Socialist Charlatans vs. the Western World

The Republicans still don’t understand that there is no patriotic Democrat Party any longer, a multi-national cabal of Socialist Charlatans are fighting Republicans and our Constitutional Republic. Until Republicans call Socialist Charlatans their real names, Republicans will lose… language matters… Socialist Charlatans have camouflage themselves by the name Democratic, though nothing democratic is left in the so-called Democrat Party. Biden is using the name of democracy and lying to you by talking about American democracy, because people didn’t grant power to Joe Biden—the KGB did. The Republicans in Georgia’s runoff election need to learn and use an appropriate terminology. Language is a major factor in debates!” Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America, December 21, 2020 by Simona Pipko.

Yes, our national security is at stake and every American needs to learn the information about our foremost enemy: the terrorist state of Russia. Those are not just empty words, but ironically some Republicans are diverting your attention from actual culprits by making dead Marxism the actual source of all American problems and helping the Democrats to deceive you. The American pundits not only ignorant pertaining Stalinism, they don’t know Marxism, that I studied at the law school for four years:

Creating the Theory of Socialism and Communism as a means of rooting out the exploitation of man by man, Marx and Engels purposely divided it into two phases: the first phase was Socialism and the second –- Communism. They identified in detail the tasks, agendas, and ways to achieve them in the “Theory”, as follows:

  • First – the tasks and agenda—overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing Socialism as a basis for the creation of a classless Communist society in the future.
  • Second – how to fulfill the tasks and agenda—through World Revolution.
  • Third – the World Revolution would occur under the leadership of the proletariat.  “Proletariats of the world unite!” was their slogan.
  • Fourth – Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European countries.

Pay attention to the fourth point:” Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European countries.” Russia was an agricultural country and has never been an industrially developed European country. The creation by Stalin of his system of Soviet Socialism was in direct opposition to Marxism. It was a typical Stalinist fraud. Socialism couldn’t exist without the government force. To create Soviet Socialism, Stalin used Marxist rhetoric to fabricate his own system that was completely intertwined with punitive agencies. The creation of the Soviet Mafia, Socialist modus operandi, and the KGB’s Mafia/Army had been a necessity for Stalin to help deceive and defraud people.  A devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, Vladimir Putin is still keeping the Soviet system of punitive agencies in Russia after the Soviet Socialism had collapsed.” The Democrat Party: A Party of Disinformation and Fraud May 21, 2023.

That is the reason, I repeatedly remind you about Soviet-Socialist Modus Operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. Operation Disinformation was started in the beginning of the 20th century by Stalin, building class-warfare and never ended. America has never learned Stalinism and is unable to recognize it. By the way, if you read my columns or any of my books, you will learn that all countries overturned to Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism, had been subverted by the same exact way. If you look at America today, you will be stunned by lies, deceptions, fabrications, and fraud used by Biden’s White House and his entire administration. Welcome to Soviet Socialism in America!!! It is like in the Soviet Union—Inside a Gigantic Network of Falsehood!

My fellow Americans! Knowledge is Power! We are living in a very dangerous time for our Constitutional republic. Our national security is at stake! I have been writing about Russia trying to warn you for the last forty-two years. It is not the dead Marxism, but the alive KGB’s Mafia/Army—an Evil Doer that infiltrated to dismantle our educational system, courts, business and all democratic institutions designed by our Founding Fathers.

Educating yourself, knowledge, courage and perseverance can save America the Beautiful. You will find all answers of how to save our country in my columns. Read them for free and save America from the Democrats, who are selling out country to the terrorists and foreigners!

It is now or never!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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