Brazil is gearing up for war against Venezuela to protect Guyana

The weak senile installed President Marxist Joe Biden is creating global chaos with nations invading nations. Nations ran by dictators do not fear the Biden Administration and U.S. embassies are closing due to war globally as a result of this inept White House.

Now the Communist dictator of Venezuela!

Nicolás Maduro is posing the question should he invade the English speaking sovereign nation and Venezuelan neighbor Guyana and annex it just like the Russian Federation did under Putin in the Ukraine.

Here I am in Bogotá Colombia watching Brazil gear up for a possible war against Venezuela because on Sunday December 3rd 2023 it’s Election Day in Venezuela and Venezuelans are being polled on a ballot whether Maduro their dictator Communist President should invade neighboring Ghana and steal its oil rich territory.

The Communist dictator of Colombia Petro has said nothing and is not mobilizing the Colombian military to protect this peaceful country from Maduro’s communist aggression.

And where is Joe Biden during this potential war gearing up between Brazil and Venezuela as Brazil prepares to protect Guyana ? Is he in between getting his adult diaper changed or is he on another vacation sunning on a beach or cutting another deal with the Communist Chinese with his son?

Where is the do nothing Republican Congress? Are they not aware of this plan by President Maduro to possibly invade Guyana? How about the Senate Intelligence Service Committee members in the tax payer funded do nothing U.S. Senate? What do they know ?

Biden is no doubt aware of this possible military conflict gearing up here in South America in his daily secret military briefings presented by his Hamas supporting CIA and yet the Biden Administration in Washington is dismissing this and or ignoring this threat. My opinion.

The Communist dictator of Venezuela Maduro is being crushed in the polls like Biden is being crushed in the polls by Trump thus a war between Venezuela and Guyana and or Brazil would focus attention away from opposition leader and Trump supporting conservative presidential candidate María Corina Machado who is leading in the polls for the country’s presidency in elections to be held next year in Venezuela.

We need Trump back in the White House like right now as I witness the drums of war beating here between Brazil and Venezuela and Guyana from my vantage point here in the Andes mountains in Bogotá Colombia.

The fake news media in the USA support this Communist new world order globalism so they are not reporting this and I hope this information released by me to the citizens reading this in the USA prepares you for what is brewing here in South America.

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