Communist Dictator of Venezuela Claims Victory To Possibly Invade Guyana

The Communist dictator of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro directed his electoral authorities on Sunday December 3rd 2023 to announce that 95 percent of all voters in a non-binding referendum approved of his territorial claim and possible future invasion of 62,000 square miles representing more than two-thirds of neighboring oil rich Guyana.

Now, much of my family lives in Venezuela and here I am in Bogotá Colombia as they testified to me via WhatsApp chat that hardly anyone showed up to vote on this potential future war with Guyana.

The polling stations had only a trickle of people enter nationally and in Caracas the biggest city and biggest voting block a video and photo was sent to me that showed the streets empty and devoid of people on Sunday outside these polling places.

Photo of the main highway entering the capital city of Venezuela Caracas yesterday. Four cars and one motorcycle.

Hardly anyone can afford gasoline and food and medical supplies are scarce. Hospitals don’t have water and the electrical grid is on and off intermittently rationed by the government in apartment buildings etc.

75% of the young professional Venezuelans age 18-40 have left Venezuela for greener pastures in Argentina, Colombia, Panama and Chile.

The Communist government of Venezuela lists 20 million registered voters and claimed 10.5 million votes were cast to claim 2/3rds of Guyana by the Communist Director of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoroso.

This is absolutely impossible considering only about 900,000 people across the entire country went to vote as per the testimony of polling staff and I can assure you the people of Venezuela do not want a war with Guyana considering they don’t have sufficient food and daily living supplies for their own families.

Those who voted “Yes” apparently are the minority supporters of the Communist Maduro and they did not want to end up financially cut off or jailed by the Communist government by voting “No”.

Brazil has secured its border with Venezuela with a massive military presence denying the Venezuelan military access to Guyana on its borders.

Joe Biden the senile and incompetent installed President of the United States won his election the same way Maduro has claimed victory to invade Guyana. By massive fraud and propaganda manipulation.

Hang in there folks 2024 is right around the corner.

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