Venezuelan Embassy Bogotá Colombia Confrontation

So today Karina and I had to go to the Venezuelan embassy in Bogotá Colombia to verify some apostilled Venezuelan documents to ensure Karina has smooth exit from Colombia to Miami, Florida.

The Commie Venezuelan Consulate Assistant invited us into the embassy for the verification process.

I declined the invite – I told the lady I’m an American and if I set foot on your Commie Venezuelan territory I’ll no doubt become a political hostage of the Maduro reign of terror.

So we made the Venezuelan consular officer verify the documents at the front gate of the embassy in the street on Colombian territory which she did.

I then told her in Spanish Trump is going to kick dictator President Maduro’s ass in 2025 and I said their Sunday election was a massive fraud

We then thanked her for verifying and approving the apostilled documents.

The Venezuelans in line behind us to enter the embassy gave me a high fives smiling as we left and then we went to eat lunch.

I think tomorrow we will return to the Communist Venezuelan Embassy and hang our Trump flag on the front gate for a photo op.

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