COP 28: Climate Colonialism and Anti-Semitism

Left unchecked, UN climate politics will trap the poor in poverty and drag down millions of others to join them.

They would destroy the democratic state of Israel as well.

These are not exaggerations.

I am at the UN conference in Dubai and have seen and heard these dangerous pronouncements and more from the UN stage with my own eyes and ears.

Pete Murphy posted a series of insightful reports from Dubai to  Alice Aedy, co-founder and CEO of Earthrise Studio, appeared on a UN panel entitled “Democratizing Access to Climate Information.” Murph’ took the microphone and, addressing Ms. Aedy, said, “Is it just to have a colonialist mindset towards developing countries that do not enjoy the prosperity that you and I have? This is a kind of new colonialism that we are imposing on people by denying them the prosperity that oil had brought… This is not justice.”

Denying millions in the developing world access to the energy we take for granted is an outrage.  So is bribing their (often unelected) leaders with climate cash to fall into line with the UN climate agenda.

Every person on Earth is entitled to freedom and the prosperity that comes with it.

Every nation on Earth is entitled to security and safety. For climate radicals, the exception apparently is Israel.

Peter Murphy also reported on a panel we attended featuring “The Climate Justice Alliance,” “The Global Grassroots Justice Alliance,” and the “Indigenous Environmental Network” that repeatedly charged Israel and the United States with “genocide” in Gaza.  As Murph further reported, “At no time did any panelist acknowledge the massacre of 1,200 Israeli civilians, including young women, men, children, and infants, on October 7th by Gaza militants, nor their kidnapping of more than 200 hostages for ransom. It is as though it all never happened.”

How’s that for outrageous?

The radicalism on display at COP 28 underscores an essential reality.  The global Left views climate as a means to achieve ends that have nothing to do with the temperature of the Earth.

Every radical cause has been shoehorned into the climate agenda.  Socialism, wealth redistribution, an end to meat eating, gender politics, ending cars, wrecking our energy economy, and even now the destruction of Israel, a successful democracy, along with so much more, are all being pushed upon us in the name of climate.

Climate radicalism cannot stand.

Thank you to everyone who has joined CFACT in pushing back.


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EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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