$7.5 Billion Dollars Of Tax Payer Money for Electric Vehicle Chargers Nobody Wants

The do nothing Congressional UniParty comprised of Republican socialists and Communist Democrats joyfully use your hard earned tax money in the most unconstitutional and imaginative ways.

Take for example the $7.5 billion dollars the UniParty congress allocated to the installed Marxist President Joe Biden to build 500,000 Electric Vehicle Chargers (EVs) across our constitutional republic.

This borrowed money from Communist China and or printed in the Treasury Department was included in the worthless 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. No jobs were created and no infrastructure has been built.

The only President and Congress in our history that actually funded any worthwhile infrastructure was under President Eisenhower with the freeways and interstates he signed off on. This significantly helped national security and grew our free market capitalist economy. These freeways and interstates have already paid for themselves.

But let’s review the EV debacle. First of all nobody is buying electric cars in large enough numbers to support 500,000 tax payer funded EV chargers in the USA.

The exception for EVs is probably in European socialist countries currently being overran with Muslims whose Muslim leadership won’t even let women drive a gasoline powered vehicle let alone an EV.

Out of this $7.5 billion dollars borrowed from Communist China and or printed by the U.S. Treasury Department (contributing to our economic destruction via massive inflation) only $2 billion has been redistributed and accepted by two out of the fifty states. (Ohio and Pennsylvania)

The other forty eight states have not submitted requests or proposals for this unconstitutional redistribution of our tax dollars due to lack of demand.

I’m surprised communist controlled California led by Marxist Governor Newsom and Communist controlled New York State did not jump on this free cash.

Not a single operational EV charger has been built with this borrowed money from Communist China.

So the question is what happened to all those billions of dollars ? It’s your money ladies and gentlemen.

These kind of expenditures from the Treasury Department is driving inflation way beyond our republics ability to handle.

Biden’s Communist answer was the inflation reduction act and massive tax increases. This included a budget proposal that would drive our republics deficit from $34 trillion up to $52 trillion dollars.

Also, early in 2022 Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) unconstitutionally and illegally mandated (in violation of the US commerce clause of the U.S. constitution) that half of all vehicles sold in the USA by 2030 must be electric.

The EPA has no such authority to make this a mandatory requirement in a free market capitalist economy. Zero authority. None.

The American people make this decision by their freedom of choice not a communist ran EPA bureaucracy funded by us tax payers.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s Marxist tyrannical utopia using your hard earned tax payer money on the congressional roulette wheel of inflation and economic destruction.

Be prepared for more future losses to our republic by these Communists.

Don’t forget the Communist Obama – Solyndra solar panel failure with a $500 million tax payer loss in 2005 which is still being paid back to communist Chinese plus interest.

This unconstitutional economic insanity falls squarely on the shoulders of the socialist Republican and Communist Democrat controlled UniParty congress who approved it.

These Republican in Name Only (RINO) socialists are holding our tax payers arms behind our backs while the Communist democrats steal our wallets.

If you are still a member of the Republican Party I send you my deepest condolences.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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