URGENT: The Case for Toppling Iran’s Mullahs

In what ways does the liberation of Iran align with the enlightened self-interest of nations globally?

In the face of an unprecedented global challenge, our world demands a radical shift in approach. We no longer have any choice. The threats looming over humanity are no longer confined to local issues, rendering traditional practices inadequate. Now, more than ever, we must unite and leverage our collective resources to combat the complex and debilitating challenges that cast a shadow over our planet.

Our problems are not mere parochial concerns; outdated thinking won’t cut it. In this era of interconnectedness, every ounce of our energy must be directed towards solutions rather than wasted in petty disputes and personal conflicts.

But are we truly ready to acknowledge the urgency of this global call to action? Can we set aside our differences for the greater good?

The magnitude of today’s challenges is unlike anything we’ve encountered recently. Conventional solutions falter in the face of the formidably complex and unique situation that defines our world. To confront these challenges, civil disobedience alone is as futile as fighting off a pack of hungry wolves armed only with toothpicks.

We must keep asking ourselves – what innovative strategies can we employ to tackle challenges that defy conventional solutions? How can we foster a collective mindset that transcends outdated approaches?

The threat posed by the Islamic Republic’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, and his cronies cannot be underestimated. Their lack of interest in negotiation and compromise is evident as they barrel forward in their quest for nuclear weaponry, aiming to wield power and intimidate not just the region but the entire world.

Mullahs are ruling Iran with rock-solid resolve to carry out their “divine plan” of imposing their brand of Islam on the world with the help of the Bomb is a terrifying thought.

So, how can we effectively address regimes that seem impervious to diplomatic efforts? Is there room for negotiation, or is a more robust approach necessary?

The first step in addressing these issues is to acknowledge the reality of the situation. Iran’s regime has made significant advances in its nuclear program, which is a cause for concern for the international community. The country has been able to reverse engineer and further develop purchased technological advances, and its knowledge is irreversible. This means that any attempt to stop Iran’s regime from developing nuclear weapons could be futile.

The religious fanatics steering the Islamic Republic have a track record marked by deception, dissimulation, betrayal, and violence. These Quran-trained agents of a wrathful Allah can never be trusted. Centuries of perfecting the art of deception, double talk, double-dealing, and deceit have made them master schemers.

The civilized people cherish and celebrate life. The Islamists relish death, as stated in their ideology, and practice daily. Recall what Hassan Nasrullah, the leader of Lebanon Hizbullah, had to say about why his people would prevail in the war with Israel. He said, “Israelis love life. We Muslims love death.” These fanatics firmly believe in an incomparably magnificent pleasure-filled next world that awaits the faithful Muslim. This world is nothing but a heap of dust to them, while the next is a paradise of eternal lust.

In the face of such cunning adversaries, what strategies can we deploy to outdo their deception and ensure our collective safety?

The West must dispel the illusion of “happy talk” and recognize the true nature of these cunning players. The dismissive notion that they pose no global destructive capacity must be cast aside. While they may currently be arming factions and sowing chaos in specific regions, the potential for global havoc cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, how can we shift public perception to acknowledge the gravity of the situation? What steps can we take to counter the dangerous underestimation of the threat these cunning adversaries pose?

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I have a starting point. It’s time to understand that we’re not dealing with the same social factors or individuals of three decades ago. Concerted efforts are needed.

The United States, in supporting a Free Iran, finds its best ally in the region. This support is not an act of altruism but a prudent measure of enlightened self-interest. Helping Iranians dislodge the oppressive regime is a strategic move that benefits the U.S. and the global community, in particular, Israel.

How can the international community, led by the United States, contribute strategically to the cause of a Free Iran? In what ways does the liberation of Iran align with the enlightened self-interest of nations globally?

The suicide bombing that maims and kills dozens is often dismissed as an act of aberration by an individual deceived by ruthless, conniving handlers. But, no one would ever contemplate using the nuclear bomb when it entails the certainty of his destruction as well as his country; so goes the deterrence logic.

Logic, what logic? Fanaticism generated by belief defies logic at every bend. The zealot, end-of-the-worlder Shi’a militia has already climbed to a position of great power. The call to action is clear. The time for complacency and wishful thinking has passed. It’s time to unite, strategize, and act decisively in the pursuit of a Free Iran – a beacon of hope in a world threatened by the shadows of tyranny.

A quote from the late Ayatollah Khomeini, the founding father of the Islamic Republic, should suffice since his words are still considered authoritative in Iran: “We do not worship Iran; we worship Allah. Patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

What words do you still believe in: acquiesce, capitulate, surrender, or give up?

I keep pleading that we should forthwith help the Iranian democratic opposition and send the death-bearer Mullahs back to their mosques. It is the world’s best and most urgent action.

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