Communist Hong Kong’s Rigged 2023 December Election

The once free and prosperous capitalist Hong Kong recently had their “elections” for district counsel and like all Communist countries and provinces such as Venezuela, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea only Communists are allowed to win.

Let’s also not forget the United States of America currently under a Marxist UniParty dictatorship. We too experienced a fraud election in 2020 where only Communists were allowed to win the presidency with fraud mail in ballots. The evidence is slowly coming out. My opinion.

It’s no different in communist Chinese controlled Hong Kong. The hissing snakes in Beijing blocked all freedom loving pro conservative candidates from participating in the election process starting in 2019.

They were harassed, censored and accused and prosecuted with false charges. Former President Trump is experiencing the same treatment.

In response to this, the freedom loving citizens of Hong Kong under the communist tyrannical boot of Beijing stayed home and did not vote.

Only 27.5% of the eligible voting block of the 4.3 million registered voters cast a ballot on Sunday December 10th 2023 in protest.

When the freedom loving citizens of Hong Kong rose up in peaceful protests in 2019 against the heavy handed Beijing restrictions placed upon them the voter turn out was 71.2%.

The Communist Chinese then put an end to the pro freedom candidates and blocked them from participating in 2023. The same thing has happened in Communist Venezuela under the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.

Some socialist ran states in the USA like Colorado are trying to block Trump in the same way.

So after the election in Hong Kong, surprise, surprise only the Communists won all the seats.

Most of the pro freedom, pro conservative candidates had already left Hong Kong to avoid prosecution and to escape the harsh national security laws implemented by the evil Beijing dictatorship in 2019.

Any country that conducts any form of commercial import or export of goods and services with any Communist country including China should re-evaluate their business practices.

They are funding a satanic monster that will one day own them and control them and even destroy them.

The new President of Argentina understands this Communist Chinese mindset. Very soon under his strong pro capitalist leadership the Communist Chinese vermin will be booted from this newly liberated South American freedom loving nation.

All business dealings with these evil Commie Chinese government maggots in Argentina will be terminated. Wait and see.

You heard it here first.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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