JIHAD: The Problem with the Religion of Islam

First of all, let me tell you that I do believe that Islam has some very beautiful aspects to it. For example, this religion promotes compassion. It also strives for brotherhood amongst its followers. And of course, generous hospitality can be found all over the Muslim world.

But “Islam” does not mean peace. There is some confusion, because many Westerners believe it does stand for peace. However, the word Islam is an old Arabic word that means “submission.”

To be clear: Submission to Allah, the Creator.

Chapter 9 of the Quran gives a clear order to Muslims: wage Jihad in the name of Allah. Jihad means Holy War. The Muslims are ordered by Allah to wage war against the unbelievers, until Islamic Law -Shariah- has been implemented world wide. Then, Christians and Jews will be spared, but only if they humbly bow their heads to the Muslims.

Not all Muslims want to execute this order. Most Muslims want to live in peace with non-Muslims. But a tiny minority of hardliners wants to be in compliance with the Quran. They are members of Islamic State and Al Qaida. Though they are a tiny minority, they should not be underestimated.

The United States and Great Brittain will have to invade Afghanistan once again to defeat the terrorists. Currently, the terrorists are roaming freely in this desert country and preparing new attacks against us in the West.

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