Florida Is About to Add Another Toll Road To Its Collection

Lake County was the first and I think the only county in Florida to endorse President Trump but now they are going woke with a plan to construct yet another “toll road” that will enter into Orange County.

The difference is this new toll road will apparently charge electric cars as you drive on it. Assuming you own an electric car (EV).

I am surprised that Lake County is jumping on this woke Electric Vehicle (EV) road charging technology but I am not surprised that Orange County is going to add another toll road to its current collection of 16 tax fleecing toll plazas.

Florida actually has the most toll roads of any state in our Republic with a total count of 719 miles plus.

Orange County in central Florida has the most with 153 miles as they fleece the residents and unaware tourists when they try to drive unmolested through this woke county.

The excuse by the folks in charge of all these insane toll roads is that Florida has no income tax and no inheritance tax so we must get the money from somewhere. This of course is total baloney and just another woke excuse.

Nevada and Tennessee have zero state income and inheritance taxes and they also have zero toll roads.

Other states with zero toll roads include Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Don’t forget Washington D.C.

Communist China has about 70% of the worlds total length of tolled roads but Florida is catching up with them.

So the residents of Florida who own electric vehicles have been notified by the government of this new toll road that will charge their EVs.

I’m not sure how much money it cost Floridian taxpayers to receive this government mail out but there you go.

I’m also trying to figure out how the government knows who owns these said electric vehicles and how do they know where these people live.

The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) are stating this new road called an expressway development that will allegedly automatically charges EVs when you drive on it will link Highway 27 and State Road 429.

The first phase of this toll road’s construction is estimated to cost $218 million assuming no cost overruns and will be called State Road 516. The total price after completion is calculated at $534 million.

Sean Parks the Lake County Commissioner is saying this new EV expressway could relieve traffic congestion and provide “revolutionary services” to electric vehicle drivers.

Karl Marx, Lenin and Stalin also enjoyed creating revolutionary services for its citizens.

Career politician and Lake County Commissioner Sean Parks who also supported sales tax increases on the citizens also said quote:

“But what’s unique about this is this will be one of the most sustainable, one of the most conservation-minded roads in the world.”

Don’t forget ladies and gentlemen boys and girls it was Karl Marx that created sustainability.

Let’s also remind the woke County Commissioners in Orange and Lake counties the road must still be constructed out of oil based materials but with the exception of the little coils that will be embedded to charge the EVs.

If anyone is interested I have the App on my phone that gives me directions to avoid all these woke communist toll roads.

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