Let’s Block Oil Shipments From Colombia to California

According to the California Energy Commissioner the majority of California’s crude oil is imported from Colombia, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and Iraq.


The installed Marxist President currently squatting in the White House, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr., the poster child for adult diapers has also resumed oil purchases from Communist Venezuela to keep Maduro’s Narco dictatorship operating flush with U.S. dollars.

So I did my civic duty while I am here in Bogotá Colombia and I stopped by EcoPetrol, Colombia’s largest oil production company.

I asked the company manager to stop importing oil to California to show solidarity with the states unconstitutional ban on new gasoline powered vehicle sales starting in 2035.

Cutting off the Colombian oil supply to Gavin Newsom’s dictatorship of California and instead shipping the oil to Texas would help drive up the price of gasoline to $15 – $25 a gallon in California as per our estimations and reduce gas prices in Texas.

Perhaps this would help Californians decide to vote in a new free market based legislature and Governor and remove the current Commie Marxist Stalinist dirt-bag infestation in Sacramento.

Stay tuned.

Reporting from outside the head office of EcoPetrol in Bogotá Colombia

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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