The United States Just Emulated Neville Chamberlain, and We Know Where That Led

As expected, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution calling for an immediate cease-fire, for Israel to let all aid go unchecked into Gaza—without condemning Hamas.

The vote was 13 in favor and zero against… with both the U.S. and Russia abstaining.

The ramifications of this, as well as what it shows about the United States, are significant and disturbing and need to be understood by not only every Jew but by every American.

Had the United States vetoed the resolution, it would have failed because the U.S., a permanent member of the Security Council, can stop any resolution with a veto. UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield whined after abstaining that she couldn’t understand why other members would not condemn Hamas. She complained that the other members weren’t stopping evil and said that she was appalled about the silence of the evils of Hamas.

But when it came to the actual vote, she and the United States remained silent.

When the United Nations attacked Israel with a resolution that would ultimately hurt every Jew in the world, the United States chose to be silent. Our ambassador whined but did nothing… and all the political double-speak doesn’t change the fact that the United States tacitly approved of an attack on the world stage against Israel for defending herself against Hamas, the most evil and depraved organization since the Nazis.

The ramifications of this resolution will be significant for every American and the whole world. Because it is a Security Council resolution, it is considered “binding” for U.N. countries. This means that if they choose to, the UN can impose international sanctions against Israel if they do not abide by the resolution, which the antisemitic UN undoubtedly will). Simply put, if Israel doesn’t allow “humanitarian aid” to go unchecked into Gaza (where it will be used for Haams’ war effort, not for the Gazan people), devastating economic sanctions could be placed against Israel.

For Jews worldwide, this is equally as devastating. This resolution empowers all the Jew-haters to attack Israel even more. It gives them a moral right to condemn Israel—and all Jews. It emboldens university presidents to allow Jew hatred on campuses to go unchecked. It unleashes Jew hatred with the UN’s stamp of approval.

All because the United States chose to remain silent by abstaining.

Despite the words of the ambassador, the cowardice of the U.S. action should be despicable not just to Jews but to every American.  The U.S. has made it clear that when push comes to shove, they will abandon Israel. As American allies see us abandoning Israel—the greatest ally we have and the only democracy in that region—those allies will start to question their own relationships with the United States. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) once said (paraphrasing) that if for no other reason than this, the United States must always support Israel unconditionally… for if we don’t, other allies will turn towards Russia and China as opposed to trusting us.

This abstention by the United States in the face of evil parallels Neville Chamberlain’s demonstration of weakness in the face of Nazi Germany with the Munich Agreement in 1938. The question we must ask is if this will have the same long-term effect of supporting the modern Nazis of Hamas.

To avoid that horrible consequence that we saw 85 years ago, every American needs to challenge the U.S. government’s stand on Israel that they demonstrated today. Every Jew and every prescient American needs to do whatever is necessary to get the United States back to the policy of supporting Israel on the world stage.

If not, we may, God forbid, find ourselves in a repeat worldwide of the horrors of the last century.

We must act for the sake of Israel, Judaism, Christianity (remember that Christians are also infidels, according to Hamas), the United States, and the world.

Source – Rabbi Michael Barclay/PJ Media

Rabbi Michael Barclay is the Spiritual Leader of Temple Ner Simcha; and the author of Sacred Relationships: Biblical Wisdom for Deepening Our Lives Together.

EDITORS NOTE: This Newsrael News Desk column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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