Happy 2024 — The Year of Action!

The Holidays have come and gone. I hope you are all rested because 2024 is the year of action.  The Globalists and will be implementing the things they have put in motion in 2023 to ensure that “You will have nothing.” and they will be happy. Are you ready?

2024 will be quite a year as the Globalists see that lying and force are the only ways they can win. On the international stage more and more countries are beginning to realize the value of putting their countries and citizens first. The people are realizing that open borders, incredible mass migration, multiculturalism, elimination of culture and history leads to escalated crime and destruction of their great nations. On the world stage people realize the propaganda machine of Globalists who are busy making lists of items we must give up, is just a pack of lies. What about Americans? Are they seeing the same or are they still living in a cloud thinking everything will be fine.

For those of us “awake” it is our job to alert others. We have lots of action items that will be presented over the next short 10 months if we are to save our country.  Can you make a NewYear’s resolution to get 5?  Every time an action item is released, can you tell 5 people and ask them to do the same? If we each did that and did our part we could organize an army of patriots spreading the truth no longer relying on MSM.    Once the truth is known and spread, we will win. So pick one item a day. Send it to your 5 and ask them to do the same.  Here are this weeks items:

PLEASE JOIN ME and share:

On Dr. Rich Swier, Dissent TV on Rumble. As usual I had a lot to say about connecting the dots by bringing the past history current.


Please share the DISSENT Television channel with your friends and on your social media sites.

I was also a guest on The Robert Scott Bell Show https://rumble.com/v3z1mei-the-rsb-show-12-1-23.html

I am a contributor to American Statesman on Blog Talk Radio blogtalkradio.com/americanstatesman

Time to ACT

Do you want to keep American land in the hands of Americans? Tell the SEC, NO NAC (National Asset Company.) The SEC has extended the comment period so lets comment. https://www.sec.gov/comments/sr-nyse-2023-09/notice-filing-proposed-rule-change-amend-nyse-listed-company-manual-adopt#no-back the NAC is (A corporation designed to allow anyone or any government to buy America’s assets). No one has the right to sell American land belonging to the people.   More information check out: https://americanstewards.us/

Contact your Federal legislators tell them:        

Representatives:  https://www.house.gov/

Senators: https://www.senate.gov

Close the Border or Close the government

NO CR (Continuing Resolution)

No Welfare for Illegals

Free J6 prisoners

Petition from Sen Rand Paul: Support the National Right to Work Act. Eliminate being forced to pay unions to workhttps://nrtwc.org/action/national-right-work-act-petition/

Florida: Review these bills and Contact your FL State Legislators

FL House : https://myfloridahouse.gov/

FL Senate: https://flsenate.gov/

Florida Citizens Alliance has done an analysis of the education bills in Florida.  Over 80% of the students graduate BUT only 47% can read on grade level.  Florida grades on a curve. A score of 241 out of 500 is an A. Pathetic liars.

Read the bills and contact your legislator

Grades: https://goflca.org/county-rankings/

Bills: https://goflca.org/agenda/2024-bill-assessment/

Inappropriate Materials Report: https://goflca.org/solutions/

Join a Microschool: https://goflca.org/solutions/

Get your kids out of the public indoctrination centers masquerading as public schools

Defend Florida, https://defendflorida.org/

These Election Integrity Bills need sponsors

HB135 – Voter Registration Applications

HB 671 Ballot Boxes

HB 359 – Voting Systems

SB 190 – Ballot Boxes

Are you a registered Republican in Florida unhappy with the RPOF? PLEASE JOIN ME in supporting a FAIR ELECTION for RPOF CHAIRMAN!

SIGN the Petition for FAIR ELECTION, here:



Unhappy with the RPOF Rinos selecting their candidate, want a choice?

check out Peter Feaman for RPOF CHAIRMAN!

LINK to Peter Feaman’s interview with Gene Valentino, here:

FL GOP Chair Candidate Peter Feaman Fights “…To Protect the Heart & Soul of Our Republic” (genevalentino.com)

Florida: Your presence is needed in Tally.

TUESDAY, January 16, 2024

Defend Florida Voter Integrity Lobbying

Join Defend Florida Zoom Call 1/2/2024, 7PM ET, 6PM CT

Zoom link to join call https://form.jotform.com/231767960364162

Can’t make it read the bills and call your legislators

WEDNESDAY, January 17, 2024 ,

Host/Tour Guide – EVAN POWER, Chairman, Leon County GOP

Santa Rosa GOP Legislative      FIELD TRIP to TALLAHASSEE 

Bus Ride – there and back for $55 (includes Snax & Lunch)

Experienced bill-trackers riding along to help with

BILLS you want to watch!  Information below.

AmericaOutLoud.News launched the new website platform on Jan 1, 2024, at Noon ET. please share


Join us for a Night of Inspiration at the Florida Citizens Alliance Annual Gala!  https://goflca.org/etn/2024-kids-and-country-gala/

America First P.A.C.T.  is having a conference in Bradenton FL  Join Us.

Tally Field Trip By Santa Rosa GOP

Wednesday, January 17, Tallahassee FL Capitol

Legislative Session

Hosted by Santa Rosa GOP  — “Tour Guide” RPOF Vice- Chair Evan Power

Good Time Tours Bus Pick Up Times & Locations: 

Escambia/Santa Rosa/Okaloosa & Walton County Stops!! 

5am – P’Cola – 8084 N Davis Hwy by Good Time Tours (NorthCross plaza)

5:15am – Milton – Exit 26 – Loves Gas Station – Park on southside (by Arbys)

5:45am – Crestview – Behind McDonalds in Walmart Parking lot (North of I-10)

6:30am – Defuniak Springs – Exit 85 Behind McDonalds 2370 US Hwy 331

7:30am – Cottondale – Exit 130 – Loves Travel, 2510 Hwy 231 




Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everything has a plan. All plans are lies. All Globalists want is MONEY, POWER, CONTROL Don’t give them yours. Challenge them with the truth. Doing Nothing is affirmation.

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