EXPOSED: “I’LL PAY YOU GUYS!” Secretive Phoenix Migrant ‘Refugee’ Facility worker tries to bribe journalist

  • Video shows facility run by International Rescue Committee bussing thousands of migrant “refugees” every hour on the hour to Phoenix Sky Harbor airport.
  • Migrants tell us they crossed border illegally, as IRC given $415 million from Feds to give the pretense of Refugee status and fly them on flights out of Terminal 3 and 4
  • Tomas Robles, an IRC staffer, called us “domestic terrorists” and reported us to the police for asking questions.


I’ve been reporting from the epicenter of the staggering migrant crisis in America for the past several weeks, and what I’ve found is chilling.

Buses full of migrants being transported to the airport in secrecy, every hour on the hour, where they are flown out to locations across the country. Shadowy contractors are working with the International Refugee Committee to transport the migrants in secret. Organizations like the American Red Cross are providing support.

And despite all of this, I have been inundated with whistleblowers from inside the airlines, from inside the airport, and from inside the transportation companies, offering us information on what’s really going on.


Elon Musk responded to our latest video report on the migrant “Welcome Center” in Phoenix and the government’s $415 billion contributions to the International Refugee Committee which owns the facility. “What the heck!?” Elon comments under our breaking news story. Then, in another comment, Musk says, “$415M from the US government?”

EDITORS NOTE: This OMG exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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