A Message to Disloyal Failed Presidential Candidate Ron DeSantis

Governor DeSantis,

When are you going to remove yourself from your failed and totally disloyal Presidential run and get back to governing Florida?

When are you going to endorse the man that elevated you into the Governors mansion In Tallahassee by his endorsement?

This man is former President Donald Trump who was totally loyal to you. He endorsed you and instead of showing loyalty back you are running against him.

I am ashamed to see such disrespect and disloyalty from a person that actually did a good job governing my home state of Florida.

I spent 20 years in the US Navy and my loyalty to my command and my skipper was beyond reproach.

You sir should know this as a bronze star recipient for your JAG officer services to the former Commander of SEAL Team 1 who is a good friend of mine.

My other good friend is congressman Ryan Zinke the former commander of SEAL Team 6. He was totally loyal to President Trump and was rewarded with the Secretary of the Interior position. I helped run his campaign for Congress In Montana.

Other loyal politicians endorsing and supporting President Trump’s presidential run include 7 governors, 18 Senators, and 96 House Members including my good friends for the past 20 years Senator Rick Scott and my personal family friend Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Greg Abbot the Governor of Texas, Mike Dunleavy the Governor of Alaska, Henry McMaster the Governor of South Carolina, Kristi Noem the Governor of South Dakota, Tate Reeves the Governor of Mississippi, Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Governor of Arkansas. All have endorsed Trump!

So what is your malfunction Governor DeSantis?

You can’t even return phone calls to members of congress and US Senators that call you. They tell me this when we chat on our cell phones.

You would not even shake my hand when I was with Congressman Gaetz and Sean Hannity in Pensacola at a campaign event I helped put together. You walked around with your head in the air like a superior punk.

You took without any appreciation and accepted lots of help from people like me then you forget and ignored the people who put you in the big house in Tallahassee like Trump.

I’m done supporting you DeSantis and with one E mail I can reach 100,000 people across the USA in the Combat Veteran’s For Congress library of patriots including Sarah Palin and I could bury you. But that’s not my style. Ask Matt Gaetz about my under the radar political hammer.

Governor DeSantis you are a disloyal Republican in Name Only (RINO) Bush boy liberal that will be lucky to maintain your seat in Tallahassee.

When you remove your head from the sphincter muscle you sit on maybe then you will see the light.

I contacted President Trump and asked him to go easy on you during the campaign so he has not unleashed the fury he could have on your self serving disloyalty and disrespectful attitude so be thankful for that.

Senior Chief Petty Officer
Geoff Ross
USN Retired
Surface Warfare/Air Warfare
Pace Florida
Combat Veteran’s For Congress, Media Liaison

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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