House Speaker Mike Johnson Walks On Fiscally Thin Ice

The socialist Republicans and the Communist Democrats continue to print money and initiate out of control spending, to fund the installed Marxist Joe Biden’s / Obama’s path to economic destruction of our constitutional republic.

The fiscally destabilizing spending plan currently sitting on the congressional “table” is no different than the socialist spending agreements advocated as part of the debt limit deal negotiated by fired Republican in Name Only (RINO) former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) in 2023.

Apparently the new Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) is treading on the same fiscally inept thin ice as Kevin McCarthy and will no doubt meet the same fate as his predecessor and possibly have his gavel ceremoniously pulled from his sweaty palm. It could happen.

We must praise Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) one of only a few members of Congress with intestinal fortitude and a strong backbone. He is a real conservative trying to protect our country from the inflationary destructive fate as Communist Venezuela and Cuba.

Congressman Chip Roy (R-Texas) is another American patriot with a conservative mindset willing to leave open the possibility of forcing a vote on removing Mike Johnson, known as a “motion to vacate,” over his out control insane spending deal proposal.

“If they totally botch it, we get no policy reforms, and we spend $1.66 trillion, I don’t know why we would keep him as Speaker,” Representative Roy told conservative podcast host Steve Deace on January 9th, 2024.

Pay attention Congressman Johnson, it would take only three consecutive Republicans and all the low IQ bottom feeding Communist Democrats to force your removal, if full attendance is accomplished on the day of the vote.

Speaker Johnson is falling into the same ridiculous mindset stating that the Senate won’t approve a conservative spending bill and the installed Marxist Joe Biden being controlled by Obama will veto such a plan.

My advice is stand on the right side of fiscal responsibility and let the Senate and Biden block the conservative budget. They will then be held accountable on Election Day for their Marxist inflationary actions.

Trump is absolutely right, shutting down the government if a conservative budget is rejected by the Senate and Biden will eventually force fiscal sanity on our government, it just requires a little pain.

But remember, the socialist Republicans and Democrat Communists have their snouts buried deep in the trough of tax payer money being printed in the Treasury Dept. or being borrowed from Communist China.

The uniparty is still working together to create their New World Order globalist Communist government as advocated by deceased former President George H. Bush the war mongering United Nations daddy of the globalist movement.

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