TEXAS: Videos Show Biden/Harris Campaign Bus Driver Wanted to ‘Run Him [a Trump Train Supporter] the F*ck Over’!

The attacks by Biden and his campaign and supporters against not only their fellow Democrat primary candidates, buy also against Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and against President Donald J. Trump and his Texas Trump Train supporters has taken a new turn.

The Biden/Harris campaign is now suing Trump Train supporters for surrounding its bus in San Marcos, Texas in October of 2020.

Those Trump Train supporters were there to exercise their free speech rights. This incident allows these Texas Trump Train supporters to have their day in court in June of 2024 in defense of their freedom of speech to ride on the highways of Texas and surround their political opponents campaign bus.

The videos below show a different story than what the media reported nearly 4-years ago, blaming the Texas Trump Train supporters for the incident.

These newly release videos contain audio from inside the bus and  show that it was the Biden/Harris campaign bus drivers who were caught saying, “I’m finna to run him the f*ck over Know what I mean…I’d push his ass to get in there I sure would hit him…I oughta hit him.


Biden Bus Video Shows They Wanted to Run Trump Supporters Off the Road [Part 1]

Biden Bus Video Shows They Wanted to Run Trump Supporters Off the Road [Part 2]

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