Ron DeSantis Reloads His Circular Firing Squad

Governor DeSantis you were just decimated by former President Donald Trump in Iowa.

Your disloyalty, your incompetence running a presidential campaign and your inability to respect the powers that put you in the mansion in Tallahassee will end your political career.

You spent all your campaign cash in Iowa panhandling like a homeless socialist but you lost every single county. Trump is the leadership our republic needs not self serving RINO whiners like you.

You totally ignored your advisers when they told you to interact with “We the people”.

“People don’t care about that stuff” was your reply to a fellow loser Republican in Name Only.

You can’t even return phone calls to members of Congress and Senators in your own failing Republican party. DeSantis you act like a ruling King not a leader of the people.

The egotistical major character flaw emanating from your self serving all about me character will no doubt motivate you to continue your failed presidential campaign.

You will not listen to me and abandon your lost cause and endorse Trump. The result will be another bone crushing loss for your campaign this time in New Hampshire. You are a sucker for self inflicted punishment.

You have established a top-down Presidential campaign where constructive criticism was not permitted. You have learned nothing from your Chief’s, Senior Chief’s and Master Chief’s in your former Navy chain of command.

You only listened to advice you wanted to hear not the advice that would have helped your campaign. Critics like me were blocked from your pitiful loser inner circle.

Now you will lick your wounds, empty another box Kleenex tissues with your liberal tears and waste the rest of your PAC money on your loser campaign circular firing squad.

You did not advance in the U.S. Navy because you did not listen to your Chiefs and you have self destructed your political future for the same thing.

History repeats itself.

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WATCH: Interview with Senior Chief Geoff Ross, U.S. Navy (Ret.) on DISSENT Television

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