New Labor Edict From Biden Regime Declares War On Independent Workers

Biden declares war on the so-called gig economy and countless companies that use freelancers. “(Biden) Admin proving it’s an equal-opportunity jobs killer.”

The labor market is cooling while more Americans are using side hustles like driving for Uber to cope with rising prices.

Yet now the Biden Administration is declaring war on the so-called gig economy and countless companies that utilize freelancers. (WSJ)

Biden’s Independent-Contracting Rule Destroys Worker Independence


A recent regulatory change by the Biden administration is so poorly designed, there’s no telling exactly how many workers will be hurt.

But now, as many as 73 million Americans who are independent contractors could lose that freedom. So may every American who might have pursued this path in the future.

On January 10, President Biden’s Labor Department issued a new rule that will gut independent contracting nationwide. While the department and much of the media are framing the rule as a win for workers, it’s anything but.

The Biden administration, which claims the rule will make it easier for workers to get employment benefits, overtime pay, and minimum wage, is really looking out for the interests of labor unions, which have struggled to organize independent contractors and find it much easier to go after traditional employees. There’s nothing pro-worker about stifling workers in favor of special interests.

[ … ]

Over the past four years, I’ve spoken with workers around the country who depend on independent contracting. Shelby Givan told me she became a freelance online educator so she could continue teaching while caring for her infant son. Karen Anderson built a 25-year career as a writer, editor, and photographer, taking jobs she liked instead of working for a firm. Kim Kavin did the same thing, choosing independent writing after a ten-year career in the struggling yet demanding news-and-magazine business.

From actors and designers to truckers and construction workers, I’ve heard the same thing over and over. Independent contracting gives workers…

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