UniParty Corruption and Scandals in our Republic

The Socialist Republican and the Communist Democrat Party have been working together for years to dismantle our Constitutional governance and place law abiding God fairing Americans under their boot of tyrannical control.

Our young Founding Fathers with their extremely high IQs and due diligence prepared us for the dangerous two party system we have today and thus could be considered as Independent Federalist political operatives.

Political parties were definitely excluded from the U.S. Constitution after our founders witnessed the vicious in house fighting and dissent in the European two party system. They thus maintained a constitutional independent form of governance.

Our Founding Fathers created a representative “Republic” and they strongly opposed our nation from falling into the socialist agenda of a two party Democracy.

James Madison warned us of this in Federalist Paper #10. President George Washington also opposed the two party system as he too felt it weakened our Republic.

But human behavior, such as it is with its weaknesses and no self discipline bypassed the highly intelligent rock solid foundation’s of our Republic and we have been lead into a two party self serving corrupt borderline criminal system.

We are now buried in a national debt so insanely high it’s just a matter of time before our republic responds with strong patriots prepared to defend this nation.

During the John Adams Administration (1797-1801) the two party in house fighting commenced when Matthew Lyon a (Democratic-Republican) from Kentucky was the first Congressman recommended for censure for spitting on Ralph Griswold a (Federalist) from Connecticut.

Today we have members of Congress like Nancy Pelosi destroying government property by tearing up state of the union speeches and Kevin McCarthy elbowing members of congress from his own party for voting to remove him from office. So far no disciplinary action has been recorded against them.

In the Andrew Jackson Administration (1829-1837) Congressman Robert Potter from the great state of North Carolina resigned from Congress after castrating two men he believed were having an affair with his wife. (1831). No word yet on the status of former President Bill Clinton’s Crown Jewels.

Republican President Abraham Lincoln ( 1861-1865) used federal troops to invade sovereign states. Totally unconstitutional and yet he is hailed as a hero.

Lincoln also appointed Republican Caleb Lyon as the Governor of the Idaho Territory. An internal financial audit revealed that he had embezzled $46,418 in federal funds intended for the Nez Perce Indians. Seriously.

Republican Andrew Johnson Lincoln’s right hand man also showed up totally inebriated for his own vice-presidential inauguration.

During President Theodore Roosevelts administration, (1901-1909) Republican US Senator Joseph R. Burton from Kansas was convicted of bribery after being charged with illegally receiving compensation for services rendered before a federal department and served five months in prison.

Today in January 2024 the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party resigned after trying to bribe US Senate candidate Kari Lake to drop out of the Senate race because she is a threat to their uniparty globalist agenda. My opinion. This low life bottom feeding corrupt cockroach Republican belongs in jail.

During the Eisenhower presidential Administration (1953-1951) a Communist Democrat Congressman from Massachusetts named Thomas J. Lane was convicted for evading taxes on his congressional income.

He served four months in prison, but was re-elected three more times before his 1962 defeat due to re-districting.

Hunter Biden, the son of Installed president Joe Biden still is a free man even with all his tax evasion charges. I wonder how Joe Biden paid for all his luxury homes on his government pay check ?

During the New World Order, United Nations embracing globalist years of Republican In Name Only (RINO) President George H.W. Bush (1989-1993) his Republican Treasure of the United States Catalina Vasquez Villalpando was jailed for tax evasion and obstruction of Justice. She got a free cot and hot meals for 4 months and fined (1992)

During his son’s globalist reign of terror, President Bush (2001-2009) illegally invaded Iraq and most of his administrative helpers were corrupt. His advisor Claude Allen on Domestic Policy was arrested for felony thefts in retail stores in 2006.

During the Communist dictatorship of Muslim sympathizer President Obama (2009-2017) his unconstitutional attack on our republic was fierce.

His overpaid, do nothing Executive Director on American Indian and Alaska Native Education Mr. William Mendoza, was charged with attempted voyeurism in November 2016.

He learned new things with his tax payer funded government issued iPhone including how to take pictures up the skirts of several women on the D.C. Metro.

After he was indicted, he resigned, pled guilty and spent zero time in jail after his 90 day sentence was suspended in 2016.

During the current installed Biden Presidential reign of terror Republican US Representative “Van Taylor” from Texas married with three children, was accused of having a nine-month affair with a lady who was married to a Commander of the Islamic State. Her name is Tania Joya nicknamed the “Isis Bride”

Our constitutional republic is certainly battle scarred by corrupt, inept, morally bankrupt self serving Republican and Democrat politicians since our two party system started but like I always say “God is in control” our nation will survive the brutal attacks from these evil people and one day soon justice will prevail.

Stay the course folks.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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