E. Jean Carroll’s Tweets That The Jury Was Not Allowed To See

Tweets from the leftist slut accusing Trump of rape, losing criminal case and then being awarded over $80 M in a defamation case that Jury was not allowed to see.  Trump never even met her.
Our legal system is so broken!

I received this from a friend.

Those Trump-haters out there that watched with glee as DJT got taken to the cleaners by a Judge, a Jury, and a perverted woman (the accuser) he never met, in a civil court defamation case that really turned out to be the witch hunt of all witch hunts, should be taken aback by the accuser’s very sick posts (tweets).

Those tweets are shown below by our good friend, Royal…and remember that the Jury never got to see them.

The question is: Will these small-minded, Trump-hating people be taken aback by the revelation of these perversions produced by a very sick woman, E. Jean Carroll to be specific? My answer: NO!! Why? First, because they are small minded (Joy Behar is the poster child type); and second, because they are all likely stricken by that dreaded TDS disease.

In addition, the outlandish award of $83.3 million will never stand on appeal, but by then who will be paying attention…certainly not the legacy Media.

Royal is so correct when he says: “Our legal system is so broken!”

But wait, I’m not finished!!

Please mark it down that all of these court activities involving this pervert of a woman were civil cases dealing with her accusations of being raped by one Donald J. Trump.

Flash!! DJT was never found guilty of raping the Carroll woman in a criminal court. If he had, you can bet he would have been headed for jail and his days of running for a second term as President would have been over. That just did not happen.

But, oh, how the legacy Media had a field day in confusing the gullible public on that one. Fact: DJT was not found guilty of raping E. Jean Carroll. Period, end of story.

The legacy Media wanted America to believe otherwise. They too hate Trump because he’s got their managed news number. Fake news specialists!!

Please also note: The standards of proof and ultimate findings in a criminal case are very much higher than in a civil proceeding…the two standards are not even close. Actually, civil cases don’t even speak in terms of guilt or innocence, but only in terms of being liable or not liable. And, there is no (repeat NO) criminal consequences to a finding of liability.

Thanks for listening.

Best regards,


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