Spineless Republican Led Congress Continues To Fund Biden’s Wars

The installed Marxist President, Comrade Joe Biden has shredded U.S. Constitutional governance both at home and abroad. Obama left Biden his shredder in the Oval Office.

Biden should have already have been impeached for multiple constitutional violations but the embedded spineless communists in the Republican Party who have this authority won’t initiate such action.

Now Biden is shedding American blood in the Middle East with his insane foreign policy decisions. Previous administrations justified our presence in this part of the world to maintain the flow of oil to keep our economy moving.

Biden can’t use this excuse because he wants to stop using fossil fuels, he has blocked the extraction and production of a good percentage of U.S. natural gas and he has illegally blocked the sale and production of gasoline powered automobiles by 50% by 2035 using his Marxist Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

With that said, why is the GOP led congress still funding the utility bills to the White House? Let Biden use solar panels to heat and cool the people’s house.

Our U.S. military stationed in the Middle East have no constitutional justification to be there and our Republican led congress continues to fund this insane foreign policy.

The Republican led congress are a huge problem in not blocking this unconstitutional governance.

The Pentagon is using a complex trail of approved appropriations and statutory authorizations rubber stamped by the Republican led Congress via the lobbyists in the military industrial complex roosting in our government getting our brave military men and women killed.

Biden’s use of military force against Yemen also has a zero statutory basis and not even Article II of the constitution can justify firing missiles at Yemen as self-defense.

The communist Defense Secretary who was Absent Without Leave (AWOL) for over a week stated, “We will take all necessary actions to defend the United States, our troops, and our interests.

This is all hogwash propaganda.

The only action required by this incompetent Defense Secretary is to withdraw all U.S. forces from the Middle East and protect our interests at home in the USA.

We have more oil under our feet here than the entire Middle East and thus we have zero interests in this part of the world other than Israel.

We can contain Iran by defunding their economy with the past Trump sanctions without firing a shot.

Biden, the globalist Marxist war monger also stated on Sunday January 28th 2024 that the U.S. “shall respond” in response to the senseless deaths of three U.S. military members in northeast Jordan.

No, the U.S. will not respond, it is the dictator Joe Biden who is and will be responding without any congressional oversight.

This future response could possibly be classified as self-defense under Article II of the constitution but the question should be why are we even there ?

What is the constitutional statutory reason to station U.S military troops in Jordan? There is none.

These brave Americans died needlessly as a result of the incompetent Pentagon/Biden criminal foreign policy.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.


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