Biden’s War Mongering Mentality. Loose Lips Sink Ships!

Top Secret plans continue to be released by the Pentagon approving military strikes against Iranian military personnel and bases inside Iraq and Syria. Of course this has given the Iranian’s fair warning to prepare.

It reminds me of when Comrade Obama told the Taliban via news releases how much longer U.S. troops would remain in Afghanistan.

Or when Joe Biden told everyone over a journalist’s dinner SEAL Team 6 was responsible for killing Bin Laden putting SEAL families at great risk.

Installed Marxist President Joe Biden needs a war in the Middle East to direct attention away from his deep state corruption and crumbling mental state.

His intentional destruction of our republic continues with his wide open border policies and deployment of American troops to all Middle East countries.

These planned unconstitutional military strikes any day now are a weak response to drone and rocket attacks that resulted in the death of three U.S. military forces in Jordan and injured U.S. military folks in Iraq.

The correct response is to remove our military presence in the Middle East as per our Founding Fathers directives and focus on defending our national interests at home.

Communist incompetent Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin released his usual propaganda statement that the U.S. won’t tolerate attacks on American troops.

Biden and his Marxist entourage will continue to get our military troops killed so long as they are in power.

The weak spineless Republican led congress and their Communist Democrat pals continue to fund this insanity.

New World Order nations like the United Kingdom will no doubt commence nuclear weapons test launches from submarines in the Atlantic Ocean as a show of force and no doubt the Communist Chinese and Russian Federation Forces will follow suit in response.

Biden’s untested cognitive state of mind and the weak Republican controlled Congress coupled with deep state Marxists fleas embedded in the DOJ, FBI and Department of State are slowly trying to dismantle our constitutional republic.

This November 2024 the Presidential election will determine if we stay a free constitutional republic. My advice is join any Independent political party and vote for Trump.

Don’t forget there is no free press in the United States it’s all a propaganda manipulation by the pay master stenographers working for the Marxist Biden White House agenda.

The best way to maintain operational security in any conflict is to maintain total secrecy. So far our alleged enemies created by the global military industrial complex have been kept in the loop.

Be ready for a global conflict ladies and gentlemen.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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