Biden’s ‘Model UN’ — Not Just Frivolous but Dangerous

Remember when you or your children played “Model UN” in high school? That’s what Joe Biden’s foreign and security policy looks like these days.

First, you’ve got the tip-toe response to the ongoing attacks on U.S. bases and warships by Iranian proxies.

With the death of three U.S. soldiers at Tower 22 in Jordan, a secret base supporting an ongoing secret mission in Syria, the heat is now on for the U.S. to respond more forcefully.

So what does our recently—AWOL Secretary of Defense do? Lloyd Austin goes up to the Pentagon podium to announce a “multi-tiered response” to the attacks by Iranian proxies that will minimize collateral damage.

The administration’s chief goal is to “manage” the conflict with Iran “so it doesn’t spiral out of control,” Austin said. The U.S. counter-strikes haven’t really started yet, but we’ve just told the Iranians that they are coming soon.

Guess what happened? There are already reports that the IRGC has been pulling its men out of front line positions in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. No surprise there.

My friend Michael Rubin at AEI called the Pentagon two-step “military virtue signaling.” I am sure the Iranians are very, very afraid.

Next, you’ve got the Biden regime fretting over North Korea’s ongoing military buildup, and North Korea’s deepening military cooperation with Russia.

A senior White House official told reporters this week that they are “deeply concerned” about this, and that national security advisor Jake Sullivan asked his Chinese counterpart to see what he could do to wean young Kim away from Putin.

That’s kind of like the NY Police Commissioner asking the Sina Loa cartel for help in tamping down the influence of the Gambino crime family. What are these people thinking?

(Don’t forget, when President Trump wanted to calm Kim down, he talked to him. And even when they didn’t agree, as during the Hanoi summit, he still had the courtesy to offer him a ride home on Air Force One).

And then, you’ve got the State Department plan to unilaterally declare a Palestinian state at the United Nations, without any preliminary talks between Israel and the Palestinians. The reason there are no such talks is that there are no peace-seeking Palestinians to talk to, as a recent Palestinian opinion poll showing a 72% approval rate of the October 7 massacres showed.

Let’s get this straight. The Palestinians on October 7 invaded Israel with explicit genocidal intent, and the Biden administration wants to reward them by giving them a state. As I commented on this week’s edition of Prophecy Today Weekend, this is not just misguided, but downright obscene.

I discuss in much more detail why the two-state solution is finally dead in my recent paper for the America First Policy Institute, and with Newsmax TV’s John Bachman on Thursday. (When I get that link, I’ll post it to Twitter and Facebook).

Meanwhile, as always, you can listen live to my segment on geopolitical events on Prophecy Today Weekend at 1 PM on Saturday on 104.9 FM and 550 AM in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, or by using the Jacksonville Way Radio app. And if you miss it, you can listen to the podcast here.

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