The Corrupt Republican Democrat ‘Uni-Party’ is Implementing Cloward-Piven Communism

The Communist assault on our free market capitalist economy, national sovereignty and our constitutional republic is underway by the UniParty Republican-Democrats headed by installed Marxist President the corrupt lying Joe Biden.

Actually Comrade Biden is not running anything and he is definitely not functioning with a sound mind.

This is evident by the fact that on Wednesday February 7th 2024 Comrade Biden announced that he had been chatting with former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl at a 2021 meeting of G7 globalist leaders.

Somebody needs to tell Comrade Biden that Helmut Kohl died in 2017.

So in all realty former Communist president Barack Hussein Obama is actually running this Internal Marxist revolution in the United States in his third term. My opinion.

The intentional overload by the communists in regards to the social safety nets set up in the past by local, state and the federal government in states like New York and California is now inflicting catastrophic damage on these once prosperous free market economies.

The rampant approved illegal drug use by local and state governments, the acceptance of laziness, free unconstitutional handouts to illegal immigrants using tax payer dollars and the economic destruction forced upon citizens who can no longer afford rent and the basic needs for day to day living is an intentional attack on our free market capitalist economy.

The Communist Democrat/Republican Uni-Party are complying with the Cloward-Piven strategy to destroy our nation from within.

WATCH: The Cloward-Piven strategy

They are Intentionally overloading the welfare system and inflicting economic pressure via out of control inflation which is pushing the middle class into poverty.

These unconstitutional economic policies are forcing Americans onto government dependence which is an attempt to bankrupt our country.

Americans with good jobs and strong family units with moms and dads raising their children within strong religious church groups in a free market capitalist economy under the governance of our Constitution don’t need government hand outs and assistance.

An economically self sufficient independent strong family unit is a massive threat to the Marxists and globalist organizations like the George Soros “Open Borders Foundation” which is funding and implementing the massive invasion of illegal immigrants.

His goal is to destroy the middle class and turn the lower class against the the upper class to collapse our republic from within.

Divide and Conquer!

Free market capitalism is also being intentionally decimated by allowing crime to go unpunished in big cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco resulting in large and small businesses being forced to either relocate, close temporarily and or indefinitely go out of business or file for bankruptcy.

Without small and large business venture capitalists the availability of jobs significantly gets reduced also forcing Americans into government dependency.

So what is the solution to stop this evil intentional collapse of our economic stability by the Uni-Party with a long term goal of bankrupting our republic for a Communist utopia?

My advice is to read the US constitution, fully understand and comprehend its concepts and then implement as a large patriotic group constitutionally authorized action to remove these corrupt bottom feeding intestinal worms from our local and state government the historic hallowed halls of Congress and the White House.

The government works for us we don’t work for them.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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