Spaanderman and Schuler

In the recent past, my country, The Kingdom of The Netherlands, had one big patriarch. He wasn’t very famous among the general public. But he had enormous influence in the well-being of my country.

His name was Maarten Spaanderman. He was a psychologist, who treated women that suffered from hysteria, and men that suffered from compulsive behavior.

Mr. Spaanderman had his office in Bloemendaal, a quiet village to the North of the town of Harlem. People from all over The Netherlands came to visit him for help.

I also got to know him well. And I accepted him as my mentor. He taught me valuable lessons about life. He even confronted me with my own short-comings.

Mr. Spaanderman was a real gentleman. He believed that human beings should accept that they were born with a shadow side. Only by accepting that one is human, and by saying ‘no’ to animal instincts, a person could walk in the light.

Mr. Spaanderman was not religious, but the man that he had most respect for in the history of Mankind, was the Lord Jesus Christ. He called him a great servant of Life.

In your country, the United States, there also lived a great patriarch, who had many things in common with Mr. Spaanderman. His name is Reverend Robert Harold Schuler.

Reverend Schuler was a Man of God, and he preached Christianity in a very humble way. He promoted kindness, and he never hid his tears when he was emotional. The magnificent Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles was his church.

The world is in need of new patriarchs. Elderly men, with huge knowledge and experience, who serve Mankind.

Mr Spaanderman and Reverend Schuler are often on my mind. I will never forget their difficult lessons.

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