Houthi-Controlled Research Center Publishes Report Identifying U.S. Military Bases In 14 Countries Across The Middle East And Africa

Houthi-Controlled Research Center Publishes Report Identifying U.S. Military Bases In 14 Countries Across The Middle East And Africa: ‘Every American Military Deployment In The Region Is A Source Of Threat And A Defensive Military Target For The Yemeni Armed Forces’

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On March 29, 2024, the Saba News Agency’s Center for Research and Information, a Houthi-controlled broadcaster, published a research paper identifying American military bases in 14 countries around Yemen, including in the Middle East and Africa.[1]

The report was titled: “American Military Threats to the Yemeni Republic: Military Bases in the Areas of the ‘Central Command’ and the “Africa Command.'” It was authored by Anas Al-Qadi, a Sana’a-based Yemeni researcher.

The report opened: “The American aggression against Yemen has become a reality. Every American military deployment in the region is a source of threat to the Republic of Yemen and its people, and a defensive military target for the [Yemeni] Armed Forces, which are committed to the right of retaliation and self-defense in accordance with international conventions and national legislation.”

The 28-page report tapped open-source information to map the American military presence in and around Yemen. It detailed the names and locations of U.S. military installations in 14 countries, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Djibouti, the Seychelles, and Somalia. It also estimated the number of American soldiers based in each country, as well as the weaponry stationed at each installation.

Additionally, the report recounted American military involvement in Yemen from 2016-2024, casting the reported presence of American forces in the country as “colonial,” “hegemonic,” and “threatening.”

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