The details of all the wrong involvements of the Israeli Supreme Court by Gali Ben Horin

The following are the wrong involvements of the Israeli High Court of Justice/ Supreme Court: The left wings reject the need to improve the judicial system as it protects them from right-wing democratic actions.

1. It should be clarified that the Israeli Supreme Court is not a court of law but a unique institution that does not exist anywhere in the world. At its core is a court of British Mandate rule (up to 1948) – designed to allow British colonialism to rule over all local government institutions.
Every country that won its independence from Great Britain abolished this institution, with the exception of Israel.
The Supreme Court is actually a constitutional court. There is no constitution in Israel.

2. The Supreme Court, in its session as a constitutional court, enacted basic laws on its own accord – and declared them as a constitution on its own accord.
The bizarre situation in Israel is such that even jurists do not know whether Israel has or does not have a constitution

3. The Supreme Court allowed itself to invalidate laws on the basis of incompatibility with the Constitution.
Actually, the Supreme Court has the strength and power to control the country – in the absence of a constitution.

4. Aharon Barak (former head of the supreme court) drafted, led and enacted the “Human Dignity and Freedom” law – and determined that it was a fundamental law – on the basis of deception: the Knesset (Parliament) was told by Barak that fundamental laws could be invalidated by the supreme court, and then the court already used that to invalidate fundamental laws.

5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled on its own, that it has the power of invalidate basic laws as well (not only fundamental laws) – which it claims are the Constitution. Meaning, today the Supreme Court considers itself above the Constitution which it initiated fraudulently and secretly

6. The Supreme Court can rule against the law: according to Barak’s philosophy, the court has a monopoly on interpretation. Hence, every judge (even at low levels – peace and district courts) is not subject to the written law – he is entitled to interpret the law as he wishes – even in a contrary and opposite way. This means that there is no law in Israel, there are only judges and their opinions.

7. Barak stated that democracy is not good enough and he invented the “essential” democracy which means – that in the very arena of the struggle for opinions and ideas – there is a pre-determined opinion and idea – those that Barak stated, of course.
This in itself makes all elections and all legislators and all voters redundant

8. The Supreme Court is the supreme and determining court and cannot be appealed

9. Intervention in the Supreme Court is not limited and it considers itself entitled to intervene in any legal, military, political, or religious issue – as the final arbiter. He already does acts like this by canceling government policy, ruling against religious events separating men and women, giving the army instructions on what conditions to open fire, and banning it from life-saving activities

10. And in addition to all this. The judicial authority has taken over the legal advisers of the executive authority – they sit as messengers of the Supreme Court and reject any bill they do not like long before it reaches the Knesset-Parliament table. It already happened on many thousands of bills.

11. Recently Supreme Court fired a minister in the government – who was elected by law – on the grounds that his appointment was unlikely

12. The Supreme Court is considering also removing from office an elected Prime Minister in Israel.

13. The Supreme Court effectively canceled the state’s right to control its borders – by granting blanket permits to Arabs based on “family reunification” and also canceled all the laws enacted by the Knesset to limit the entry of illegal infiltrators.

14. The Supreme Court stated that the purpose of the existence of the State of Israel is human rights. Every person wherever he is. This is how the Supreme Court canceled the citizen’s rights – which are the same as the rights of any illegal infiltrator (except that a citizen has duties and illegals do not).

There is much more and it is enough to understand the dictatorial madness in which we live.

Gali Ben Horin

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