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The details of all the wrong involvements of the Israeli Supreme Court by Gali Ben Horin

The following are the wrong involvements of the Israeli High Court of Justice/ Supreme Court: The left wings reject the need to improve the judicial system as it protects them from right-wing democratic actions. 1. It should be clarified that the Israeli Supreme Court is not a court of law but a unique institution that […]

Ukraine & Russia were close to a Peace Agreement — DEMOCRATS & NATO told Ukraine NOT to sign it!

Yes. The United States government and NATO sent Boris Johnson to dissuade Zelensky from to signing it! The war in Ukraine would have ended in April of 2022 as Russia and Ukraine had agreed to a tentative peace plan. Then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson happened. Boris Johnson landed in Ukraine unannounced, catching even the […]

Israel’s Official International Website on Hamas’ Crimes Against Humanity Launched

Here is the official Israeli website “Oct. 7 2023” launched by the Office of the Prime Minister. The Oct. 7 2023 website was uploaded on Sunday, January 14th, 2023 in preparation for the opening of the hearing on the petition against Israel at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Click here to visit […]

VIDEO: Netanyahu to the foreign media before the debate in The Hague int’l court

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s announcement to the foreign media before the debate in The Hague int’l court: “Israel has no intention of permanently occupying Gaza…Gaza can be de-militarized and de-radicalized.” WATCH: Hamas using Palestinians as human shield video announcement  ©2024. Udi Geva. All rights reserved. RELATED ARTICLE: Biden State Dept. Shells Out Thousands To ‘Empower’ […]

A response to MSNBC blaming Prime Minister Netanyahu for the Hamas Oct 7th attacks

Last week two MSNBC presenters blamed Prime Minister (without reliable data or references) as the main responsible person for Hamas’ attack on Israel on Oct 7th. MSNBC criticized Netanyahu stating: “Netanyahu allowed the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.” “Netanyahu allowed the terrible massacre, and [it was] his fault for the massacre.” “Why didn’t […]