Affirmative Action = Limited Learning for Life Long Labor

The more I study the results of Affirmative Action and its affect on America the more I know sadly I am right. Affirmative Action, giving each child a participation trophy, lowering standards has created a population of individuals who are totally unprepared for life and probably could not function on their own without an electronic device. Noting is more evident that listening to some of the comments about the solar eclipse. Not learning science in school is a horrid thing to do to a child because when that child becomes an adult their lack of knowledge is immense but worse, they could wind up making decisions in the government.  That is a frightening thought but it is happening right now. What do they think?

US Reprehensive Hank Johnson, (D) (2010)  thinks that if Guam is overpopulated, the island will tip over. He is on the House Armed Services committee.

Climate Change Or Tectonic Shifts? NJ Senate Candidate’s Earthquake Theory Sparks Debate And Ridicule because she choose climate change, . Christina Amira Khalil, a Senate candidate representing the Green Party in New Jersey

“The View” co-host Sunny Hostin blamed Monday’s solar eclipse, Friday’s earthquake and the expected cicada breeding season on “climate change.”

US Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D) told students at Booker T. Washington High School in Houston that the Moon is a “complete rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gases.”  Lee serves on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance Committee, Immigration Integrity, Security and Enforcement Committee, Constitution and Limited Government Committee, and the BUDGET committee.

These people and many more are influencers.  They have large followings and influence others to their way of thinking. No wonder we have so much trouble with congress and the media.

Aside from being ignorant, they are evil. Glenn Beck just did a video documentary call “Bought and Paid For” where the congressmen are exposed for insider trading. You know the trading Martha Stewart went to prison for.  If you subscribe to Glenn Beck watch this documentary. You can also catch it on YouTube

It is quite an eye opener.  We are being fleeced. Please vet your candidates. Stop voting for RINOS.

If you have not seen this, to get a thorough appreciation of the Climate hoax I strongly recommend Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth). The story of the corruption of Science

Affirmative Action, has many names, CRT, SEL, NCLB, ESG to name a few. These programs require you choose a worker based on race not ability. This way of thinking does not just affect science. These functionally illiterate people are in America’s industries as well. Take aviation for example. The incompetence is evident but it is the lack of understanding of precision that gets me. If you are not careful securing a door, attaching a wheel what do you think will happen?

Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator (D) is afraid: Trump Will Pick Judges Who Think Congress Should Make Policy Instead of Unelected Agency Officials.  How do you answer that?

Wonder why our financial balance sheet is a disaster? According to a OMG interview of the Federal Reserve, James O’Keeffe discovered that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell has promoted ESG issues like climate change and “wants to be remembered in history” “as a savior.” (from Trump).

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