Iran Attacks Israel — Comrade Biden Takes Credit for Saving Israel — Total Lies!

In my last publication I stated that Iran would NOT attack Israel because they did not have the guts and they did not want a return strike on their nuclear weapon production facilities.

Apparently I was wrong, which is good news for the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel because now Iran is fair game. Although Germany will stay silent because they actually helped build these Iranian nuclear facilities with the Russians.

The installed Marxist in the White House Joe Biden rolled out of bed early this April 14th, 2024 which is a miracle in itself but no doubt his day nurse started his or her or its shift early with a handful of adult diapers at the ready. Biden woke up, rubbed his eyes, wiped some Vicks menthol under his nose and made his first statement to the world saying this was an “unusual attack” by Iran.

Well there is nothing unusual about a terrorist state attacking freedom loving people. What is unusual is Biden getting up before 10AM to make a statement. That’s a miracle.

So according to the fake news Iran launched over 300 missiles and drones at Israel and then Biden said the United States helped shoot almost all of them down. Nothing quite like announcing a Top Secret military response publicly. Now we are the next target, not so much Israel.

Biden in an election year took full credit from stopping this Iranian aggression with zero credit going to the brave and honorable Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Biden is your typical Marxist cockroach much like Maduro the dictator of Venezuela.

Biden said quote:

“Thanks to these deployments (he is slapping himself on the back to his orders) we (as in him) helped Israel take down nearly ALL the incoming drones and missiles.”

There is no mention of the Jordanian and British Air Force actually doing a good portion of the work and no credit for Iraq for closing its airspace to Iran. The fake news won’t report that Biden also told the President of Israel via phone that the United States will NOT help Israel in any retaliatory strikes against Iran. So why did we help shoot down the drones and missiles?

Biden’s hate Israel gang in the Pentagon described Israel’s superior blockade of its borders and military preparedness by the IDF and “Israel’s approach to military operations as a “Mansion of madness”.

So Israel’s government is considered mentally unstable for defending itself proactively by Biden’s Marxist led Pentagon. I have no doubt that the low IQ cockroach running the Pentagon will demand that Israel also notify him before any retaliatory strike on Iran.

If I was the IDF General running military operations for Israel I would tell Comrade Lloyd Austin the Marxist U.S. Secretary of Defense to go #### himself. Why would Comrade Austin need to know of Israel’s military plans unless he wants to keep Iran in the loop. The U.S. government is funding Iran’s military in part by allowing this terror state to sell its oil to Communist China avoiding U.S sanctions which actually no longer exist.

Biden is a fraud and a menace to global security and our republic. Remember, Trump not only stabilized and revitalized our economy he restored global peace and security. Any military actions ordered by Trump during his tenure were kept top secret as they should be to protect our national security interests. He did take credit though for destroying ISIS but that was a true statement unlike Biden’s lies and misrepresentations.

To restore global security and make America great again we must return former President Trump back to the White House in November 2024 and then January 2025. As for Biden, that corrupt weasel should already have been impeached by the spineless weak do nothing Republican controlled congress. The same Republicans who just gave the NSA and the FBI permission to continue spying on us from their 59 listening posts in the USA.

If you are still a member of the Republican Party my condolences to you. Vote Trump 2024.

©2024. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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