Beyond the Headlines: Iranians vs. the Islamic Republic

“This isn’t the Iranian people’s war, it’s Ali Khamenei’s war.” –Reza Pahlavi

Recent tensions between the Islamic Republic and Israel have once again thrust the Middle Eastern region into the spotlight. However, it is crucial to delve deeper into the intricate dynamics at play beyond geopolitical maneuvering and saber-rattling. One key distinction often overlooked is the differentiation between the Islamic Republic and the Iranian people. Iran means the land of Aryans.

The first step in supporting Iranians is to recognize and understand the distinction between the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic. It is essential to acknowledge that the Iranian people are distinct from the regime that governs them. This understanding can help prevent the conflation of the actions of the regime with the desires and aspirations of the Iranian populace.

Iran is NOT the Islamic Republic. Period.

The Ayatollah Khomeini went as far as stating:

“We do not worship Iran; we worship Allah,” he declared in a speech in 1980 in Qom. “For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land [Iran] burn. I say let this land go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

The frustration felt by Iranians due to the world conflating them with the regime cannot be overstated. It is imperative to recognize that Iran has a rich historical and cultural identity that predates the establishment of the Islamic Republic. Once referred to as Persia, it was the land of the Aryans. A civilization renowned for its contributions to art, science, and literature. The Iranian people, contrary to the regime’s actions, yearn for peace and stability in their homeland.

It is clearly the Mullahs vs. the People. Discontent with the Islamic Republic runs deep within the Iranian populace. Activists and ordinary citizens alike have voiced their opposition to the regime, often at great personal risk. The simmering ethnic tensions between the regime and segments of the Iranian population further underscore the internal strife that plagues the country.

Let’s filter out the misinformation and know the Untold Story. Iranians face a daunting challenge in amplifying their voices amidst the cacophony of misinformation that surrounds them. “Crazy narratives” and “mass disinformation” about Iran often cloud the true aspirations and struggles of its people. The advent of social media, while a potential tool for activism, also presents its own set of challenges in a landscape dominated by state-controlled narratives.

This is a Call for Clarity. It is essential to advocate for the use of precise language when discussing Iran. By distinguishing between “Iran” and the “Islamic Republic,” observers can better understand the situation. This differentiation is crucial in acknowledging the Iranian people’s desire to be recognized as a peace-loving society distinct from the actions and policies of the Islamic regime.

We can begin the process by discoursing Iranian voices. The world can better support Iranians by providing platforms for their voices to be heard. This can be done through international media coverage, support for independent journalism within Iran, and facilitating opportunities for Iranian activists and advocates to share their perspectives on the global stage. By doing this, the Iranian voices and the world can better understand the sentiments and aspirations of Iranian citizens.

Only then can we move on to the “Diplomatic Engagement” stage because diplomatic efforts that prioritize the well-being and aspirations of the Iranian people are the only significant form of support. This involves fostering constructive dialogue with Iranian civil society, human rights organizations, and representatives of diverse Iranian communities and diasporas.

Diplomatic engagement should aim to empower Iranians and address their concerns, thereby demonstrating solidarity with the Iranian people.

Advocacy for human rights in Iran is crucial for supporting Iranians. The world can advocate for the protection of fundamental rights, freedom of expression, and the release of political prisoners in Iran. By standing up for the human rights of Iranians, the global community sends a powerful message of solidarity and support for those striving for a more just and free society within Iran.

The final stage of recognition of the Iranian people is cultural exchange and collaboration. Promoting cultural exchange and collaboration with Iranian artists, intellectuals, and civil society members can foster mutual understanding and solidarity. Encouraging educational and artistic exchanges and collaborations in science, technology, and academia can build bridges between the Iranian people and the international community.

Therefore, it is imperative to recognize the complexities underlying the relationship between the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic. A more nuanced understanding that separates the people from the regime is crucial and respectful of the desires and struggles of the Iranian populace.

The time for a change has arrived.  The majority of the Iranian people refuse to be fooled and intimidated any longer. They refuse to obey orders from the beasts of Allah currently ruling Iran. Iranians have recognized the fundamental weaknesses of their oppressors. With a little help here and a little help there, they can be transformed overnight from seemingly subdued and helpless sheep into mighty lions.

It is time for the Iranians to strike, gather forces, organize, and especially demonstrate in the streets in increasing numbers, even in the face of massive, gruesome, bloody repression by the Islamic rulers, who still have a powerful armed apparatus at their disposal. It is time to unleash the wrath of the Iranian people on the Islamic zealots. It is time to become even more defiant and end the barbaric theocratic regime by massive participation in a freedom revolution to end this primitive Islamic nightmare.

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